Thanksgiving Treats

Vintage illustration couple embracing 1940s

Butch Bradley was nervous.

Normally a cool cucumber, he was sweating bullets. You see, he was invited to his best girl Rosalie’s home for Thanksgiving for the very first time. Wanting to make a good first impression on his gal pals parents, poor Butch struggled with what to bring.

“A pumpkin pie is tops”, said his work buddies, “You can’t beat a bouquet” chirped his kid sister

“A corsage is nice, but candy is dandy,” suggested the lady at the candy counter. “Nothing beats a swell tin of Almond Roca,” she said opening up one of the tins.

”Sniff the locked in fresh fragrance,” she coaxed Unwrapping a piece she urged him to bite into it. “Let the luscious milk chocolate melt smoothly on your tongue. Sink your teeth into the crisp center. That’s butter you taste” she cried.

Butch was sold, but because it was Thanksgiving he really wanted to make a memorable impression…something that truly said “Happy Thanksgiving.”

So with a box of Almond Roca candy in one hand, and a squawking Tom turkey in the other, Butch proudly knew it would make for some happy remembrances.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vintage Ad Almond Roca Candy 1947

Vintage Ad Almond Roca Candy 1947

Copyright (©) 2012 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

One comment

  1. Robert Koorse

    I am a Norman Rockwell fan. I also have a small collection of metal candy cans going back to the ’40’s. Hope you post more.


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