Teen Smoking- How Lucky Can You Get?

illustration girl smoking cigarette

Vintage Cigarette Ad Lucky Strikes 1952

How to Get Lucky At Your Prom

Pretty and popular, Patty Barnes was one Lucky girl.

Not only was this perky senior  voted her High School Prom Queen 1952, the honor came with a gift of a carton of Lucky Strike Cigarettes.

Her steady, Rick, a hulking football playing -ROTC- National Honor Society- dreamboat, always knew Patty was one smokin’ gal; like Lucky Strikes “so round, so firm, so fully packed and easy on the draw.”

Her yearbook said it best: “As a student and as a ‘personality‘ Patty Belongs!”

Big Party- Gay Time!

teen prom 1950s kodak ad teens dancing

(L) Vintage Kodak Ad 1951 (R) Vintage Revlon Ad 1951 “Revlon’s new color ”Bachelors Carnation’ breaks all the rules in nail enamel, lipstick and face powder.
His heads on her sleeve. His colors on her matching lips and fingertips: Isn’t it romantic? Revlon plucked this capricious carmine from the heart of his carnation. On you it turns simply siren.”

After the whirlwind rounds of graduation festivities attending 15 dances, 20 Coke parties, 12 teas, 8 luncheons and 5 barbeques, winding down with a soothing cigarette was a most welcome break for pretty, popular Patty.

Does a Girl Who Isn’t Pretty, Stand a Chance to Have Fun?

illustration girl ad

Vintage Listerine Ad 1950

But then there was poor Babs Johnson.

The only date she seemed to have were with her musty old history books.

She read all the magazine articles and took all their  advise on becoming popular.  Eagerly she  joined all the school clubs,  taking a job behind the scenes as a prompter for the senior play, timer for the swim team, pianist for the school operetta and assistant in the library.

But, she often wondered, does a girl who isn’t pretty stand a chance to having fun?

It was only after Dee Dee D’Angelo offered her a Lucky Strike cigarette in the girls bathroom that Babs wised up and saw the light…lighting up could really light up her life.

After that she made sure to light up a Lucky whenever the gang was around and it wasn’t long before Babs was wearing her steadies gold football on a thin chain around her neck.

Be happy…go Lucky!


  1. sarfa2012

    Your writing style is so superb, it makes the reader believe you personally knew the “gals” you write about!


  2. So round, so firm……….the jokes kinda write themselves, don’t they? lol


  3. Jim Bello

    Sally, were you in the ad business? , and are you a copywriter?


    • I am an artist and have on occasion worked as an illustrator for ad agencies over the years. One of my make believe games as a child was running my own advertising agency, where I worked as account executive, copywriter, art director etc. so was in the “ad game” if only in pretend. I have a life long interest in pop culture and the media and it inspires my work. If you are interested you can see my work which I exhibit at http://www.sallyedelsteincollage


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