Guaranteed Gal Pleasing Xmas Presents

Vintage B&W photo couple and Food Mixer

“It’s just What I wanted ! Give her a real thrill! Few gifts go straight to a woman’s heart like a Hamilton Beach Food Mixer.” Vintage Ad 1940

The Thrill is Gone

Now that Christmas is over…let the returns and regifting begin!

Just when you thought the holiday shopping frenzy was over it starts all over again as the glut of unwanted gifts get returned.

It’s Just What I Wanted

Vintage illustration husband wife in Santa hat

Vintage Christmas Ad Lane Cedar Chest 1950


Who doesn’t long to hear the words “It’s just what I wanted” as  a loved one tears open their carefully wrapped presents.

Once upon a time getting the perfect present for your loved one was a snap especially if it was for your mid-century wife. All a smart hubby needed to thrill his best girl on Christmas morning was to gift her with a gleaming pop-up toaster, a sit-down ironer, or time-saving pressure cooker.

Guaranteed no regifting on these gems.

Domestic Hero

vintage ad illustration husband and wife Xmas present sewing machine

The perfect gift is all sewn up.Vintage ad Domestic Sewing Machine 1951


Want to be a holiday hero? In 1951 Domestic Sewing Machine promised domestic bliss if you presented your better half with a sewing machine. In fact they were so confident that she’d love it, they guaranteed your money back.

“When your best girl looks at her new Domestic sewing machine…and then at you …you’ll be sure you’re a real hero this Xmas!”

The perfect gift is all sewn up.

vintage photo Xmas morning gifts sewing machine happy couple

“Once in her life,” Singer exclaims breathlessly, “everywoman should have the thrill of a Singer Sewing Machine.” Vintage Singer Sewing Machine ad 1951


Ways to Please a Lady – 50 Shades of Electrical Appliances

Vintage sexist Xmas ad Proctor appliances

“Want to please her with the perfect gift ? You can’t miss with a toaster, an iron or a roaster griller. The Proctor promise: There’s no extra charge for hugs and kisses.” Vintage ad 1947 Proctor


What husband doesn’t dream of pleasing his lady, watching her squeal with delight, tremble with pleasure? Make her deepest desires come true with the perfect gift … an automatic electric toaster. The mid-century man knew there’s no more welcome gift than electric appliances.


Xmas Kitchen Appliances Claudette Colbert

Delight your lady like a real Movie Star with a K-M Appliance. Just like lovely Claudette Colbert she’ll thrill to a liquidizer, a pop-up toaster or a waffle maker. Vintage ad K-M Appliances 1949


Even Hollywood stars we learn  are just homemakers a heart. Film legend Claudette Colbert just thrills at the thought of a waffle iron, or popcorn popper waiting under her tree. And the thought of a Therm-A-Matic electric blanket to keep her toasty makes her tingle!

Vintage Christmas Westinghouse Appliance Ad 1952 Betty Furness

Vintage Christmas Westinghouse Appliance Ad 1952


Lovely  Betty Furness promises You can be of sure if your Christmas present is a  Westinghouse.


Vintage sexist Christmas ad Presto 1947

Presto gifts for modern homemaker. The finest gifts imaginable for homemakers offering freedom from drudgery. Vintage Christmas Ad Presto 1947


What husband wouldn’t  delight as he watched the missus  let off steam with a wished for pressure cooker.


Vintage sexist Christmas Advertisement Wear-Ever Pressure Cooker 1948

Vintage Christmas Advertisement Wear-Ever Pressure Cooker 1948


” She’ll squeal with delight!  Just what I wanted- a Wear-Ever pressure cooker!”

She’s one smart cookie, that little gal you married. “Be a smart Santa too,” Wear-Ever winked in its ad, ” and make a hit with the “boss” of your kitchen”


Xmas gift sexist ad illustration step stool

“You’ll be a happier wife for a happier guy!” Cosco claims in this 1947 ad.

Step up to perfect gift giving with this Cosco kitchen step stool.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Vintage illustration housewife and Santa

“Give her an Ironrite for glorious freedom all year through.” Vintage ad 1948

To put more sparkle and energy back into your marriage a  gent would be wise  to purchase a sit down ironer for his missus.

“This Xmas present really sweeps her off her feet! ” explains Ironrite. “Off your tired poor ironing day feet into comfortable effortless automatic ironing.”


Vintage Christmas ad sit down ironer

Vintage Advertisement 1947 Horton Ironer

A hint to hubby:” For every woman who dreams of more time to do things outside her home, the Horton Ironer gives untold freedom from ceaseless drudgery.

Tantalizing the homemaker with unheard of freedom, the copy in this 1947 Horton Ironer ad promises :

“Gives you more free time for living…you have leisure to enjoy your hobby whether its hats, hikes or hem-stitching -and all because this Horton’s a glutton for work”

She’ll Be Happier With a Hoover

Vintage sexist ad Hoover 1946 illustration housewife vacuum cleaner

Vintage ad Hoover 1946


Vintage sexist ad Hoover 1953

Vintage ad Hoover 1953


Thoughtful Gift- Weigh to Go

Vintage ad Bathroom scales for Xmas

For Xmas she’ll love a beautiful Borg scale This Xmas give a lady a Borg Bathroom scale She’ll love it Makes weight watching simple, figure control easy.” Vintage ad 1951 Borg Bathroom Scale

On a scale of 1-10, a Borg bathroom scale was tops for gift giving. With all those labor-saving devices, m’lady had too much time on her hands and may have put on a wee bit of weight during the holidays. Nothing says “I love you” like more than a body shaming scale.

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  1. Great post, but how depressing (except for the waffle iron!) Especially when I reflect that Hoover was using the same slogan — aimed at men — and the same gift suggestion back in 1924. That’s at least 29 years of picturing wives enraptured by the gift that sucks: a vacuum cleaner. You can see more “Hoover for Christmas” ads here:
    At least an electric blanket will keep the little woman warm while hubby sleeps on the sofa for a few nights.


  2. Gad! That was almost painful to read! I agree with witness2fashion.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was before jewelry, candy and flowers were invented.


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