Time For the Trump Circus to Leave Town

vintage illustration clown and elephant

What clown has hijacked the GOP?

The summer of Trump has now moved into the winter of our discontent. What was to have been a mere summer freak side-show has become the big top spectacle.

Other Republican candidates are walking a tight rope just waiting for Trump to take a prat fall that never seems to happen despite referring to Mexicans as rapists insulting women and proposing a ban on Muslims from entering out country.

Now that clown has totally hijacked the Republican party, don’t you think it’s time Mr. Trump, for the circus to leave town.



  1. I just read a couple of news articles regarding a white supremacist group Stormfront hails him as the catalyst for recent “positive” interest/insurgency spikes which are helping expand their movement and ideologies. Back in the 90’s I use to think that Howard Stern was the ultimate shock-jock in the entertainment industry taking over after Sam Kinison self-implosion. With Stern I at least knew it was purely raunchy entertainment I could stomach for short periods of time, especially when feeling furious. Howard was ONE method of simple release with my brother-in-law who introduced me to Stern in the first place. Pure stupid entertainment; that’s all.

    When Trump came onto the scene with reality TV shows, he clearly fell into that pure stupid entertainment category — but entertainment with no laugh-value just simply ‘How can I either make you feel utterly incompetent or like a business mogul.‘ Similar to Gordon Ramsey’s “Ramsey’s Kitchen.” Trump has a glaring non-existent sense of humor. Should I bring up his track-record on Family Values?

    Now look at what Trump is capable of… and worse what the general public swallows!

    Totally agree with you Sally and what should’ve been screamed in 2004… Enough already! Sit down and shut-up! And yet, Americans are perfectly willing to put an entertainer into the Oval Office, as they did in 1981! Hah! 😮

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  2. dirk

    The Person Who Is Loved By The Common People Has The Right To Be President and Not An Arrogant Kind Of Intellectual Like Hillary Clinton.


  3. Susan

    Funny, Donald Trump strikes me as dangerously arrogant, and unwilling to learn, or admit mistakes. As for “the common people” loving him, let’s think about what happens when a business declares bankruptcy — as Trump has done repeatedly, because it was legal. All the people who trusted him and advanced money for materials and labor on his failed projects were paid just a fraction of what the “bankrupt” Trump owed them. If they, as a result, were bankrupted, they paid their suppliers only part of what they owed them, and lost or downsized their businesses. That’s the opposite of “job creation.”
    Trump brags about being a billionaire, and what he did was, technically, within the law. That’s what I mean by dangerous arrogance: he “gamed the system” with no thought for the consequences to anyone but himself. It won’t earn the love of this common person.

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  4. A majority of a minority of the Republicans like this guy. I hope that means his chances are limited to a few wins in a few states but no run for the big prize in November 2016. He has no right to be president if he doesn’t represent all stripes of Americans.

    As best I can tell, Hispanics, Muslims, African Americans, and women don’t matter to this fellow or he’d temper his remarks about them.

    His “solutions” to problems are extreme and impractical. The wall between the US and Mexico…! What a joke!

    Ban Muslims from entering the country, even on a temporary basis? Lump all Muslims in the ISIL camp, Donald. Oooga-booga! They are scary and not Christian. No doubt, all their children wear bomb vests and their women have AK47s hidden in their burkas.

    Scare people snotless, Donald, over things that are less threatening than all the armaments in the hands of home-grown wackos killing people in schools, churches, and theatres in this country, you know, those people who can buy anything they want at gun shows or who have mothers who give their mixed up dysfunctional child a handgun for his birthday.


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