Republican Winners Take All

vintage illustration men toasting

With a toast to the good old days, retro Republicans are back in power capturing the White House, Senate and the House.


Hoist a Baccarat cut crystal tumbler of 24-year-old BenRiach scotch whiskey ( distilled during the Reagan years) and toast the return of Republican power.

Despite being voted in bigly by the “little guys,” corporate powers and the wealthy elite are already licking their lips in anticipation of tax cuts for major corporations.

Let the unequal distribution of wealth and income continue.

Republicans Call the Shots

vintage Illustration man holding gun 1940s

Over the past 7 decades Republicans have controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress for a grand total of 6 years. Two during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower and four under George W, Bush

Back in power after decades, the majority Republicans can now call the shots.

Taking direct aim at the Democrats, the GOP hit a bull’s-eye, winning control of the White House, the senate, the house, supreme court picks and more state legislative chambers and more governors offices than they have held in nearly a century.

Long on Power

vintage illustration 1940s wealthy people hunting

Republicans are back in power after hitting a bulls-eye and capturing the grand prize, shooting down all hopes of progressive reform. Vintage ad 1941

With the appointment of a new conservative Court Justice, Republican’s  will control all three branches of government.

In a race where winner takes all – it’s easy to see who the real losers will be.

Locked and loaded, the GOP is gunning for Obamacare. You can also bet they’ll go off half cocked about abortion, same-sex marriage, gun control,  immigration reform, block much-needed increases in minimum wage, repeal Dodd Frank Regulations and create cuts in middle class tax deductions for pensions and IRA’s. And speaking of cuts,  they have their eyes on dismantling LBJ’s legacy too with Medicaid and Medicare  clearly in their sights.

For the poor and hard-working, beleaguered middle class, winner really does take all – all hope of progress.

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  1. “The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen.” – carved in stone over the main entrance of the Nebraska State Capitol….

    We failed to watch closely enough. Whatever is to come with Our Beloved Leader-To-Be, it is important more than ever that we be vigilant and stand up to any deviation from recognition and application of Constitutional rights and standards. Given enough rope, so to speak, I suspect this individual is bound to tie a noose round his neck.

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  2. The majority of Americans it turns out did watch closely and voted against this man who stands for everything America should not. The outrage has turned to activism in a very positive way . And yes, given enough time I do think may well self destruct.

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  3. The only hope I have is that the Republicans are going to screw up Big Time. That and the fact that they eat their young. Already the Senate and the House can’t agree on following Trump’s request to hold off passing a budget for next year. The sad thing is that the rest of us must suffer for their self destruction.

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