Caravan of Lies

Donald Trump

America citizens be prepared.

A great caravan of lies is coming this evening.

Expected to infiltrate your own  living room at 9pm EST, this flood of untruths and deadly falsehoods will be telecast live from the from the sanctity of the Oval Office which it has invaded.

There is no national security emergency. There is no border crises. The only crises is Donald Trump sitting behind the Resolute desk in the oval office.

You can protect yourself and your family from this caravan.

We must be resolute. Don’t watch tonight.



  1. Chris Chilson

    I didn’t, choosing instead to watch a Twilight Zone episode instead. 😉

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  2. i’m getting tired of his bullcrap. The worst is dealing with family that supports him. I wish i have the money to move out this country. If you know your this is the time to movie out. Hopefully mulleur get trump and his family in Feburay i think that the reason why trump did the shutdown and obviously hes scared. There’s a reason why he want the 5 billion dollaors for a reason not because of the border wall.


  3. I just couldn’t watch it. He literally makes me sick to my stomach.


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