No Salem Witch Trial

vintage photo Sally Edelstein theatre

Donald Trump, you make me scream with rage!

As someone who played Mary Warren in a High School production of “The Crucible”  ( during another presidential impeachment by the by) I can say with conviction, Goody Trump, I know witch trials, and yours is no witch Trial!!

 Salem Witch Trials

Accused witches burning at the stake at the Salem Witch Trials

In his 6 page rambling letter to Nancy Pelosi, Trump claims he’s being treated worse than those accused in the Salem Witch Trials. “More due process was offered to those accused in the Salem Witch Trial.”


During the Salem Witch Trial, 20 people were executed for witchcraft.

The only witchcraft happening today is the inexplicable spell cast over the Republican’s who have all turned into squawking chickens.


Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” was inspired by the anti-Communist witch hunts of Senator Joe McCarthy, whose henchman Roy Cohn was Trump’s mentor.



  1. At least he is making you exercise if you look on the positive side, screaming is good exercise for vocal cords, you loose some pounds and you release frustration so you’ll be more relaxed.
    What did the FAISA court said yesterday about the FBI?


  2. Or for that matter what did Colmey said?
    He didn´t scream he just said he screwed up but in a very nice deceptive way.


  3. Yeah…this is no Salem Witch Trial.

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  4. Republicans are sorely in need of a history book. First were the comparisons of the Impeachment proceedings to the Salem witch trials. Now Congressman Mike Kelly ( R-PA) compares Trump’s Impeachment Day to the bombing of Pearl Harbor!!!


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