Rush Limbaugh Was Not Good For America

Rush Limbaugh Radio

I’m in no rush to memorialize a bombastic, egotistical radio personality whose vulgar words and racist, misogynist, and homophobic sentiments helped create the divisive country we find ourselves in now.

Whether Rush Limbaugh single handily created this toxic environment is arguable but he stoked the flames of hate for a quarter of a century on a daily basis bloviating from noon to 3pm every weekday selling bigotry in the form of entertainment.

While legions may mourn the passing of this instigator of hate, I’m in no rush to shed a tear for a man who:

Called 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton “the White House dog.”

Called Obama “Barrack the Magic Negro.”

Said feminism is for unattractive women.

Called NBA the “Thug Basketball Association” and NFL “Bloods vs. Crips.”

Said Michael J. Fox was “shamelessly” milking his Parkinson’s.


Garbage In Garbage Out

Time Magazine Cover Rush Limbaugh

It was no surprise that in the discard pile of the thousands of magazines I have collected over the decades that I am now sorting through, this particular issue of Time from 1995 will remain exactly where I left it a few weeks ago.

In the garbage.

The cover story from January 23, 1995, asks: “Is Rush Limbaugh Good For America?” Twenty-six years later  I can answer unequivocally NO and I didn’t have to rush to judgment to answer that question.

Propelled by ugly rhetoric and a mean streak he was the very embodiment of divisiveness, laying the groundwork for MAGA, Trumpism, and the hate-filled country we find ourselves in now. When he broke on the scene in 1988 there was no Breitbart,  no Fox News. The trends we’ve seen in the GOP all have their roots in Limbaugh’s show where he helped transform the Republican party.

This self-described doctor of democracy should have been brought up on malpractice.

Not only did he poison the minds of a generation, he was a looming threat to democracy that came to fruition on January 6 and ultimately turned the GOP against democracy itself.

No folks, Rush Limbaugh was not good for America!

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2021.




  1. Limbaugh ended the careers of many good souls in radio who preferred reasoned discourse over gaslighting and hate mongering. They were deemed boring (sometimes, true) and unprofitable (as much of radio was becoming). His passing, unfortunately, hardly puts a dent in the dominant talk radio culture he inspired. The blustery bullies thrive, aspiring to be the next Rush if not the next Hannity or Carlson. Short of that height of stardom and riches, they make a modest living off fear as small-bore local celebrities. Bigotry is a grassroots game and Rush fertilized a nation with his daily dump.


  2. Beth Feldman

    Chilling & beautifully written!


  3. Sally, he was a force to be reckoned with, but his career should not be help up as an exemplar. Keith


  4. One of the minions responded, of course. All threat, no thought. Rush would be proud if he could respond from Hell.

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  5. Sally, I thought you and your readers might enjoy the following data point, which of course, will be judged as fake news. By the way, for your readers, this post comes from a former Republican and independent old fart (me). I wanted to spell that out so I can be name-called by those who may not like this factoid.

    I feel for the family and friends of Mr. Limbaugh as they mourn his passing. But, his words should not be held up as an exemplar. From a 2015 Politifacts survey, the Limbaugh accuracy record is very poor. Here is a snippet from the survey findings, aa reported in a Christian Forum.

    “According to Politifact, an incredible 82% of Rush Limbaugh’s claims fall into the categories of Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire. Atrocious lies are rated “Pants on Fire.” If you add in claims that are Half True, the figure goes up to 93%. In other words, Politifact finds that about 7% of what Rush Limbaugh says is true. That’s not very much.”

    And, for that record, one gets a Medal of Freedom from another untruthful person. It truly takes one to know one. Keith


  6. dolphinwrite

    I believe our friend, Rush Limbaugh, is talking with angels. He was a good man who said it like it is, and made no apologies for honesty. Here’s something I’ll add, and perhaps, a few readers will understand. It’s something that always perplexed me, but I do understand it now. If there is one person who sees clearly, tells it like it is, and holds to the principles of real freedom, being blunt and straight talking, that person stands as a threat against all the disinformation campaigns within the hearts of those who’s teeth gnash at honesty. That’s it in entirety. It’s simple. Be honest in your heart, and you’ll have peace within yourself, but you’ll be visited by people who think your terrible. But always choose peace within yourself, supporting understanding in others.


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