Active Shooter…Only in America

Guns and viruses

This is an illness in our country more virulent than the coronavirus which is killing our citizens. The unregulated, fetishized gun culture, the very symbol to many as the essence of freedom.

Oh, how Americans cherish their freedoms.

Police move in on active shooter in Colorado Supermarket

Police move in on active shooter in Colorado Supermarket

Under the guise of freedom of choice, this pathology has resulted in yet another mass shooting in two days this one in a supermarket. Long a showcase for the American way of life, supermarkets are a symbol of freedom of choice. Each shopper free to select from the thousands of dazzling array of options. But in Boulder, it has become yet another killing field for a mass shooter, and that sense of freedom to shop unfettered has been snatched from all of us.

This is what is meant now by the idea of American Exceptionalism. We are alone in the world in the prevalence of mass shootings. “Only in America” used to be said with a sense of pride…now it is said with a sense of horror and shame.

Only in America

Only in America …can you now no longer go to the market for a quart of milk without the fear of being shot. Just as you can no longer sit in a classroom without worrying you might not return home at the end of school. Or pray in a church pew, sit in a movie theatre, a synagogue, a nightclub, an office, walk through a college campus or a shopping mall without looking over your shoulder.

This pathology is a strain peculiar to America.  As virulent as any pandemic. And seemingly more difficult to treat and resistant to treatment. Because the legislation is stalled. Dead on arrival by filibuster.

The only vaccine against this virulent strain of hate that is killing our people is strong gun laws.


An AR 15 has no place in the frozen food section.

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2021

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  1. Sally, agreed. I pulled out on old post. You and I have probably written variations of the same post over a dozen times. Sadly, there better gun governance measures even gun owners support, yet nothing gets down by the cowardice in Congress. Keith

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    As a footnote Sally.
    I don’t know if you know this cartoonist.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ONLY IN AMERICA … “This is an illness in our country more virulent than the coronavirus which is killing our citizens. The unregulated, fetishized gun culture, the very symbol to many as the essence of freedom.”

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  4. Sally, it is so sad that this plea must be repeated again and again. I recoil when I hear “Thoughts and prayers” as again the beginning and end of the political response to a mass shooting. That, and the promise to “fully investigate” the crime. The crime is not at the mall, at the school or at the supermarket. The crime is in Congress and in state legislatures.

    Everyone should share this:

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  5. Thank you for the shout-out to the talk we did for “Deadlocked and Loaded.” I have never [participated in an art show that has been more prescient or more urgent to be seen than the one I am currently in “Dead Locked and Loaded: DisArming America


  6. No new gun laws were enacted after Newton, none after Vegas, none after El Paso and none will be enacted now. If American citizenry were allowed to own Stinger surface to air missiles or dirty suitcase bombs, there would surely be an outcry. Why are automatic weapons any different? The argument that gun collectors or hunters would be disadvantaged by an assault weapon ban is ludicrous. How many hunters go out in deer season with an automatic weapon? Gun violence and mass shootings are a national security issue. If Congress won’t move on legislation, perhaps Biden could sign an Executive Order to get the ball rolling. The time for thoughts and prayers and a complete investigation has passed. We need action now!


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