Trump Time out


  1. Fun and horror watching the Repubs…can’t match that here in Canada. Must admit to slight anxiety over the outcome though. Just discovered you, Sally, and am heartened by your observations. Gloria Steinham at eighty? Give her a break,people.Whatever happened to Kate Millet whom I revered much to my husband’s quiet distress. and I too “did”karate. Sigh. My children were much amused.


    • Glad you stumbled upon my site Joyce and happy it resonates for you. I can’t even imagine what those outside the states are thinking about pour political circus here. What began this summer as an amusing side show has now taken center stage and it is not only no longer amusing its down right distressing as well. I enjoyed Kate Millet as well, and I believe shes alive and well (shes around Gloria Steinems age ) and would indeed be interesting to hear from her.


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