Inherited Dreams

baby Boomer eating Oreos Though it would be my parents generation, those who lived through the Great Depression and later rolled up their   collective sleeves, pitched in and sacrificed for the greater good in their fight against tyranny-who would be knighted by Tom Brokaw as “the Greatest Generation,” it was in fact their progeny, the Baby Boomers, who were born bearing that moniker.

And no, not for anything we sacrificed but for exactly the opposite-for all the compromises and sacrifices we would never have to make.

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  1. love vintage ads! 🙂 great blog


  2. R. Mark Desjardins

    I’ve always been fascinated by Cadillac automobile ads and I’ve really dug the ones you’ve posted here. Something about that “living rooms” on wheels has captured my imagination. Maybe it was a childhood memory of getting a ride in a pal’s mom’s 1959 caddy with the seemingly mile high fins that fired me up about those space age chariots. Thanks!


  3. Excellent writing, much appreciated.


  4. Oh, but we have had to make many–and allowed much evil to happen in our collective and even selected ignorance.


  5. skytunnel77

    I loved sugar smacks cereal. Is it still around?


  6. skytunnel77

    Why is the US the only country in the World in which the American Dream is possible?


  7. skytunnel77

    Shouldn’t it be known of how many individuals accomplish the American Dream last century? Isn’t that the exact measure of how great America is? Compared to anywhere else it’s behemoth.


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