How the American Dream Grew

1940s couple on a picnic

Americans wouldn’t need a four leaf clover to be lucky

If the seed of the American Dream was planted during the dark days of the Depression, germinated at the New York Worlds Fair of 1939, it was nurtured and cultivated during the sacrifices and deprivations of WWII.

By wars end it was ready to be harvested and it would blossom into full bloom in the Post War years and beyond.

This high yielding seed would turn out a bumper crop of dreams, feeding not only Americans but serving as breadbasket to the world.

Copyright (©) 20013  Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

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  2. Very true. We were able to offer the American Dream, after WWII, to white Americans, by bamboozling natural resources and land from other countries with the founding of the United Nations. Promising them freedom from their imperialists, but really we just offered them a different debt collector.


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  4. That is the way with empires. Those who are strong and wealthy compel tribute from those who are defenseless and poor. Details vary, but the pattern has been the same for tens of thousands of years. There is one other unfailing pattern: empires collapse. The time scale varies, but there are no exceptions.


  5. Can’t help but think of: the best laid schemes ‘o mice and men… 😥


  6. Those were the days.


  7. I meant to write to you the other day… Have you seen the French Bikini book that just came out? Bikini – La Légende. It goes with your theme and is by Patrice Gaulupeau and Ghislaine Rayer.


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  9. By the look on the guy’s face, I do believe that he was hoping to go where no man had gotten before!

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