Marilyn Monroe Remembered

Vintage Vinyl Some Like It Hot Marilyn Monroe 1950s

Vintage Vinyl Soundtrack to Some Like It Hot, autographed by Marilyn’s Co star Tony Curtis

I had never been to the movies before.

Constantly being warned that it was essential to keep a light on while watching your TV lest you ruin your eyes for life, here I was watching a bigger than life  screen in total darkness.

 Yet no one seemed concerned about my future eyesight.

 Like waiting 30 minutes to go swimming after you have eaten, the 1950s were filled with safety rules, and I took them to heart.

 Now in the movie theater the anticipation was palpable as the sounds of crunching popcorn filled the silent room.

 Suddenly in the dark appeared this luminous creature undulating on the screen.

In the wonderful world of  color in which I lived here was this larger than life, black and white creature Marilyn Monroe who was more vivid and glowing than any of the gay and garishly colorful objects that surrounded my day to day life.

 I was hooked for life.

Some Like It Hot

 Why my parents chose to introduce their 3 year old daughter to the wonders of cinema with a cross-dressing screwball adult comedy instead of Snow White I’ll never know.

But I will be eternally grateful that Some Like It Hot was my first movie.

 The movie and especially Marilyn Monroe’s brilliance shines as brightly today as it did in the Cold War winter of 1959.

Copyright (©) 20012 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved


  1. My parents took me to a black tie premiere of “The Graduate” — I was TINY. All I can figure is they couldn’t find a sitter. Nonetheless, I was too young to get what was going on and my overall impression was it was a howling comedy. So much for my sense of discernment 😉


  2. Love this film! All were superb in their parts–even minor characters.


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