Beauty Bait During Wartime

art & Advertising vintage ad illustration women soldiers

In the fall of 1944 my mother Betty was a college freshman who had more on her mind than musty old history dates; it was dates of another sort that troubled her.

However due to the war, she and the other coeds founds themselves in the midst of a genuine man shortage. The absence of an entire generation of men between the ages of 17 and 30 left a lonely void during WWII.

Sometimes she got he feeling that Uncle Sam and the Office of price Administration was personally sabotaging her chances of attracting what few men there were left.

She had to learn plenty of angles not found in geometry books so she could boost her Eye Q and attract whatever able gables she could find.

Thank goodness the government didn’t go completely bananas and ration cosmetics.! After all keeping herself attractive was her patriotic duty.

As Uncle Sam rightly put it “Beauty is Miss Americas badge of courage.”

Patriotic Pedicure

As any other sassy co-ed in-the-know could tell you, it was a bone a fide fact that girls who want to make more than a passing grade with their appearances know that untinted fingernails have just about as much appeal as the dead languages and are never, ever elective!

Luckily Cutex came out with new line of military right nail polish.

Patriotically painting her tootsies, Betty co-ed could choose between dozens of popular shades such as On Duty, At Ease, Honor Bright or Off Duty.

 That ought to have made some lucky young man stand at attention!

Lip Service

Vintage art & advertising illustration womens beauty 1940s

Luckily Betty’s luscious lips wouldn’t have to go bare either; she could pucker up with confidence thanks to Ponds.

With their new Beau Bait lipstick, in the wartime scarcer than scarce metal case, a gal  could “hook him every time”.

It was perfect for evenings because thanks to wartime research it promises wouldn’t bleach out under electric lights.

“Bait your line with Beau Bait and the poor man is a goner!

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