Santa’s Tempting Stocking Stuffers

xmas stockings vintage illustration 1950s

No wonder Old St Nick was so jolly. He sure knew how to fill a Christmas stocking.

Forget those itchy woolen socks hung over the fireplace. When it came to Xmas stockings, Santa had steamier things on his mind.

To make m’lady’s Christmas merry, Santa knew to give her sheer, seamed, stockings.

Mojud stockings, who ran a series of ads in the early 1950s were the Santa approved hosiery to give your Christmas Bell.

Santa Knows Who’s Naughty and Nice

 xmas stockings ad  vintage 1950s

“Listen…you beloved, be-whiskered Santa’s from Portland to Atlanta!”  this 1951 ad copy reads. “To make it a really MERRY Xmas, give Mojud….stockings and lingerie.”

“And Mojuds slips, panties and nighties are dream stuff for your Christmas bell too. They dazzle a damsel, flatter the figure and wear and wear.”

Now we know why there was a twinkle in ol’ Santa’s eye.

vintage xmas stockings ad

Copyright (©) 2012 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved


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