Back to The Future Pt.III Retro Tech for the Suburbs

vintage ad suburbs gardening hi tech future

Leisure in the Suburbs

The future suburbanite as envisioned by mid-century ad men would have a life of unparalleled  ease. The future of the past was populated with robotic like contractions that would take care of all the hard work.

In the not too distant future, we learn from this 1958 ad from Americas Independent Electric Light and Power Companies , electricity may one day do all your yard work, leaving plenty of free time to go bowling with the boys or just loaf off with a cool brewsky.

One day, by simply speaking into a microphone you may be able to command an electric “gardener” to mow the grass, cultivate the flower beds, trim the hedge, and do other yard work. And all the while you’ll be relaxing in the shade, sipping a cooling drink.

“Your present electric appliances are just the beginning of real electric living,” the ad enthralls the reader. “One day you may have an electric “gardener” like the one pictured above. Your home will be kept dust few and clean automatically. And electricity will launder your clothes automatically.”


Copyright (©) 2013 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved



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