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travel cruises cunard vintage ad 1950s

Vintage Ad Cunard Cruise Lines 1953

Once upon a time, a  cruise was a world of gaiety, comfort and relaxation such as no other form of travel provided. It was a rarefied world of glamour, hospitality and elegance.

As the headline for this 1953 Cunard Lines boldly proclaims: “Getting there is half the fun. Tell that to the trapped 4,200 passengers and crew of the ill-fated Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph.

For those passengers on the calamitous cruise ship Triumph, their fairy tale dream vacation turned into a Grimm Brothers nightmare. Instead of overflowing with hospitality, it was overflowing toilets.

Getting There is Half the Fun

travel couple on cruise illustration 1950s

But once upon a time a cruse ship truly was a fairy tale, a brilliant holiday in itself to be enjoyed to the utmost and the mid-century ads reflected that:

“You may step a merry mile…or inhale  the clean salt air from the comfort of your deck chair….you may linger over sumptuous meals prepared by internationally trained chefs….you may relax in peace or dance the evening through.”

 “You live awhile in a festive world apart…. A world which, in both senses of the word, transport you. “

Stranded at sea, awash in raw sewage, fighting for dwindling food, a veritable floating Petri dish of disease, the passengers of the stricken Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph would concur,  it indeed was “A once in a lifetime adventure.

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