Robot Romance

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Do Robots Fall in love

The question of whether robots can fall in love has been raised once again by Spiked by  Jonz’s movie “Her” where the lead character falls in love with an operating system named Samantha. But the real question in Her as posed by Daniel Dennett in the Daily Beast, “is not whether humans can fall in love with computers but whether a computer would ever have emotions.”

For decades fascination with robots and their capacity to emulate human behavior has captivated us, endowing  them with human emotions.

What is more human than the longing for love?

The bigger question posed by this 1957 ad for the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory , was not whether robots long for love, but how does a lonely mid-century  robot  find love before the digital age?

One is the loneliest Number

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Poor Robbie the Robot. Down in the dumps, he could only read of romance.

Robbie was a good-looking, successful robot. More than all else he wanted love. Wherever he looked, happy couples were all around him.

Apparently one is the loneliest number even.. if you’re a robot.

He met plenty of single women, real lookers too, but a mid-century robot would never dream of falling in love with a mere mortal.   Where could he turn? A lightbulb went off in is head.

In a future where robots could fall in love, the copywriters of the ad couldn’t imagine a digital future where companionship was just an app or click away, so  Robbie let his fingers do the walking in the big bulky phone book his search for love.

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Robbie found the girl of his dream in a local Machine Shop

In 1957 Robots stuck with their own kind,  never raising the question of whether robots could fall in love with humans.

Today researchers are saying the movie idea is not so far-fetched predicting that in the near future we will become emotionally attached to robots even falling in love with them.

But in 1957 it was the love that dare not speak its name.

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  1. Love between machines is just a fantasy. Serves only as a metaphor for how one is happy to love and be loved. Nothing more …

    Love between machine and human being, there is yes, but only as psychological and mental imbalance and indeed spiritual. An escape from reality ….

    Finally, the expression:. “The love that dare not speak its name” …. seems to suggest a comparison between the strange love between machines and love between people of the same sex ….

    BOTH CASES, are a real aggression (Nazi) the nature of gender ideology that seeks to require families …


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