Tempting Tips for Valentines Day

Valentines Day cartoon 1940

Vintage Ad Tea 1940

With Valentines Day right around the corner, the internet is awash with sensual suggestions on how to spice up your romantic life.With titillating tips ranging from exotic sex toys, sexy lingerie and an assortment of aphrodisiacs, surprisingly nary a mention is given to the potent and passionate power of a cup of hot tea.

Learn how tea came to the rescue of a hopeless wallflower.

You Haven’t a Chance at Love

It was tragic indeed.

The heroine of this 1940 sob story of an advertisement for tea  had been the victim of a cruel valentines day joke,

Yes sir, there would be no Dick for our listless sob sister Sue,

Tea to the Rescue

Lucky for her, her Mom had the solution.

vintage cartoon romance

Vintage Ad for Tea 1940

All she needed was some perking up and apparently tea was the ticket. No green drinks, energy smoothies for her! Tea worked wonders with all kinds of  athletes and men in high pressured jobs and it would work wonders on girls too!

Vintage Ad for Tea 1940

Vintage Ad for Tea 1940

Several cups of the hot cheery drink later and our heroine was quite the whirlwind!

Vintage cartoon from ad couples dancing

Vintage Ad for Tea 1940

Tea had turned our Sue into a real temptress- she’d really learned how to get ol’ Dick to stand up and pay attention!

Copyright (©) 2014 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

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