Picture You With Yogi Berra

vintage ad Yogi Berra 1963

Be the first in your neighborhood to start a collection- you can have your picture with your choice of 200 players!  Vintage ad 1963


What mid-century boy wouldn’t love having his photo hanging in an all-star’s locker?

“Kids! Get your photo with your favorite Big League Star” grinning Yankees catcher Yogi Berra beckons in this 1963 ad. “Imagine a photo of your favorite Big League star hanging your picture in his locker” the ad entices.

No, you didn’t get to fly to NY to have your picture taken with Roger Maris or to Milwaukee to pose with Hank Aaron or even Los Angeles for a shutterbug session with Sandy Koufax

Sponsored by Acme Markets and a company called Picture Pal, your dream could come true just by sending your snapshot with a special label from any Acme Supreme bread and $1.

Boys from Bayonne to Bayshore smiled eagerly for their Dads Brownie and made sure to ask Mom to get Acme Bread…top taste in every bite!

Way before Photoshop when you could create the same image in your very own home, this magic was achieved through old-fashioned cut and paste.

With a dollop of rubber cement, your Kodak snapshot could be plastered on an 8″ x 10″ glossy made to look like you were hanging in your favorite big league baseball stars very own locker!

What’s Wrong with this Picture

Today in the post Penn State scandal era, some eyebrows might be raised, but in those more innocent times, what could possibly be wrong for  a towel clad,  beefy ball player hanging a picture of a gap toothed ten-year old boy in his locker?

As an aside, this full page ad ran in none other than Boys Life the official magazine for homophobic Boy Scouts.


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