The Best Bedroom Secret

retro husband and wife in bedroom

“Got The Right Man? Then Keep Him Right With the Right Kind of Mattress!” Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1946

It’s no secret that the key to a good marriage lies in the bedroom.

But for the young inexperienced mid-century wife who had no one to discuss such intimate marriage details with, where was she to turn?

Was the Honeymoon Over?

happy 1940s husband and wifeover coffee

Vintage Ad Englander Mattress 1945 “Better Rest Makes Better Husbands”

Take the case of poor Pam Cosgrove. It was 1945 and Pam was sure she married the right man. But the honeymoon romance was long over. For months her husband Jim had been giving her the cold shoulder and had turned into a morning grouch.

If only Pam realized that a wife’s ignorance in the bedroom could cause a marriage to fail.

If only every young woman could realize from the beginning of her marriage how important it was to know the facts.

She had been too shy to ask her friends. And maybe just as well, as they might have given her half-truths and unscientific advise.

Luckily for new wives dealing with grumpy, distant, and un-affectionate husbands, there was help.

Sleep On This


Vintage 1940s smiling man and woman

Vintage Ad Englander Mattress 1947

Long before Master and Johnson, the Mad Men of Madison Avenue provided the scientific facts for a sound marriage and a satisfied husband.

According to a series of advertisements, the secret was a good mattress.

“So much of your marriage depends on your mattress!” No,not for better sex but for better rest.
“Better Rest Makes Better Husbands,” winked the claim of Englander mattresses in this campaign that ran from the mid 1940’s to the early 1950’s.

And much like Masters and Johnson they had scientific research to back it up.

Glum or Gay?


1940s couple at El Morroco

Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1944

Will an Englander mattress transform Mr Morning Grouch into a charming attentive husband?” asked one 1947 ad. Very likely says science.

“The secret of a sunny disposition is the proper kind of rest, explain renowned doctors.”

“What Every Bride Should Know


vintage woman in bed reading book

Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1944

Ads spoke directly to the new bride:

“Better husbands aren’t born they’re made. Lovely bride,” the ad inquired, “do you like him gay and gallant full of life and fun? Then be sure to choose Englander mattress for as science says a sunny disposition go hand in hand with good rest.

“You’ll put an Englander mattress first on your wish list if you’re wise.”

“Even ahead of silver and linens. For sound rest…your doctor will tell you can make all the difference between a cross patch and a charming husband. The mattress relieves physical tension, provides utter relaxation your body needs for sparkling vitality” (  of course the same could be said of sex)


retro husband and wife embracing

Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1944

Now Pam could gloat “Such a grand husband! Full of energy…gaiety…warmth.”

vintage 1950s couple in seperate beds

Vintage ad Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress 1950

No need to learn fancy sex techniques to dazzle him in the bedroom…he’s too busy getting rest.

Of course given that mid-century married couple slept in separate beds with separate mattress could go a long way to explain these sex deprived marriages.

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