Big Win For The Republicans- Winners Take All



vintage illustration 1940s wealthy people  hunting

Retro Republicans are back in power after 80 years, after hitting a bulls-eye and capturing Congress during midterm elections. Vintage ad 1941


Hoist a Baccarat cut crystal tumbler of 24-year-old BenRiach scotch whiskey ( distilled during the Reagan years) and toast the return of Republican power.

Corporate powers and wealthy elite are already licking their lips in anticipation of tax cuts for major corporations.

Let the unequal distribution of wealth and income continue.

Republicans Call the Shots

vintage Illustration man holding gun 1940s

Back in power after over 60 years, the majority Republicans can now call the shots.

Taking direct aim at the Democrats, the GOP hit a bull’s-eye, winning control of congress.

In a race where winner takes all – it’s easy to see who the real losers will be.

Locked and loaded, the GOP is gunning for Obamacare. You can also bet they’ll go off half cocked about abortion, same-sex marriage, ignore immigration reform, block much-needed increases in minimum wage, and create cuts in middle class tax deductions for pensions and IRAs. And speaking of cuts, Medicaid and food stamps are clearly in their sights.

For the poor and hard-working, beleaguered middle class, winner really does take all -all hope of progress.



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  2. Kyle Sebree

    It confuses me that people still can’t see that the two party oligarchy that controls the United States government is virtually one whole. The differences between the two in the past 40 years has become minimal–often times indistinguishable from each other.

    Republicans are supposed to be the big spenders and corporate lackeys, but Republican senate voted against tax break to stop outsourcing of jobs in America (

    Bush and Reagan kept their Wall Street interests close (Enron, Halliburton, etc.), but wasn’t it a Democrat Obama that pipe-lined hundreds of billions of inflationary corporate welfare with the banker bailouts? On whose dime was that again? That’s a pretty capitalistic stance for a socialist. Now Obama is catching flack for over-stepping his legal boundaries to grant amnesty to illegals, but Bush pushed for the same result over a decade ago with little support. I will say this, at least Reagan worked in conjunction with Congress with the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act that granted amnesty to 3 million.

    It’s like a bad dream. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Who stands up for the guy who can’t help that he was raised by his own parents and was taught to work for a living? Oh yes, that’s right. That class is being swallowed by insurmountable debt through taxes, predatory lending, welfare, drug addiction and a whole lot of apathy for the future of their own lives. It’s too bad that people get caught into this mudslinging between the two-headed snake we have in government. The one that takes turns swallowing the working stiff every 4-8 years–taking their turns.


  3. William Tecumseh Sherman

    You must have flunked civics. The repubs control both the house and the senate. Obama is still the president, he controls the entire executive branch. Republicans will not have absolute control over political agendas. They’ll just find new names to call each other.

    In the resent past having a single party control the congress and the presidency has not been a paved road to nirvana for that party.

    Wake up, look around, what have the republicans have been doing nothing for the last 20 years? NOTHING. …except make their rich buddies richer, lower the standard of living for the middle class, kill American children in foreign wars and spend American treasure in pursuit of a guy who lived in a hole, because because he insulted Bush’s baby daddy. It doesn’t seem like they will be ready cast aside their petty differences come January and even work together, much less actually get anything done. People don’t come to Washington to government, they come to Washington to politic and push political agendas.

    Perhaps you recall the words to the ‘Who’ song–”Won’t Get Fooled Again”?–”Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss”


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