The Case of the Vanished Vision

TV snow on set vision priceless

Like a snowy screen on a vintage TV set, my crystal clear, true to life sight has suddenly  disappeared. Unlike a Philco, no amount of fiddling with dials or adjustment of rabbits ears will change the situation.

As a result of complications from a recent eye surgery, my wonderful world of color has grown dim, displaced by a blank field of snowy gray in my left eye

My vision has vanished.

vintage TV set and blindfolded woman

Vintage Westinghouse TV ad

Therefore, due to technical difficulties, regularly scheduled programming on my blog will be interrupted and regular new postings will be resumed shortly.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for favorite re-runs, that may be new to my more recent viewers.

I am confident this is a temporary glitch, and eye will be seeing you all soon, in bright living color.

vintage TV set with girl

Brought To You in Living Color- Vintage RCA Color Television Ad



  1. Susan

    This must be a very difficult time for you, especially because you are a visual artist. My heart goes out to you — along with positive thoughts that this is only temporary — one of life’s nastier learning experiences. Best wishes for a fast recovery.


  2. Hoping you are well soon. Please give us an update when you can.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John

    Get better soon! My thoughts are with you. Here’s to a speedy recovery 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sarfa2012

    Sorry to hear this news. All of your fans are praying for you.


  5. I appreciate your kindness and support


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