Movie Poster I pased For White

Before the great “diversity ” in Hollywood. This 1960 “B” film tells of the desperate plight of a “light complexioned Negro girl” played by Sonya Wilde who marries the wealthy blonde scion of a snobbish society family without revealing her background. Do I hear trouble?

Here’s one sure way to get an Oscar nomination.

Taking a cue from the title of this 1960 movie, perhaps the best way to get an Oscar nod in diversity-free 2015 would be to pass for white.

Oscars so White…so what’s new?




  1. alexvrince

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    The #OscarsSoWhite debate is pointless.
    How often do TV series and movies even come in a variety of colors…other than white? Clearly, the Oscars will forever be “white” dominate. As a culture we focus on the the most minuscule things. In a world where our children are dying younger and younger simply because they possess Universe-given melanin–our sleeple (people) are busy focusing on whether or not we’re receiving enough small statue men, named Oscar.

    Turn off your radiation tubes, wake up and think for yourselves Kings & Queens.

    Queen Nahdie ♥


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  5. Hello…so…Black people have to pass for white? We’re all going to Hell in a segregated hell basket!


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