Watch Out Apple

watch wrist radio SWScan10697 - Copy

 The perfect gift for the 99% who don’t want to wait up to 3 months to shell out 17 thousand dollars for an Apple watch.

For under 3 bucks,  you could be the envy of others “the leader of the gang” with this 1960 amazing personal wrist watch radio. It wears like a watch- listen in like a radio, receiving broadcast up to 50 miles.

What a Watch

“Wow! A wrist radio that really works,” the ad exclaims. “Play detective like the ones in the famous cartoons. Yes imagine receiving standard broadcasts up to about 50 miles.

Tuning in to your favorite station and getting years of listening pleasure.

This is your own personal wrist radio that permits you to listen to your favorite program without disturbing others. And, there are no batteries, no electricity no tubes- nothing to wear out. Works on a permanent germanium diode. And think what fun it is playing games pretending to transmit messages and getting help in the nick of time

You’re sure to be the leader of the gang now! Complete with private ear phone and easy to connect antenna. Only $2.98 plus 36 cents shipping.

Don’t delay…No waiting involved!

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  1. Excellent. Always loved the, ‘Rush me… ‘ imperative on the order forms! Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

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  3. *LOL* Love this! When we look at modern technology with wonder, perhaps it’s a good reminder to ‘see’ where the ideas had their beginnings! I absolutely love your blog! So glad to be following! Thanks!! Cher xo


  4. Haven’t we seen this Apple watch before:

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