The Trump Circus Has Come to Town

Trump The Circus is in Town

American Showmen P.T. Barnum and Donald Trump

The circus is officially in town!

After the never-ending clown car of  Republican Presidential candidates, the great Carnival Barker had tossed his hat into the ring in June and is now the ring master.

From the beginning of  his own Big Apple Circus where  Donald Trump announced he’s running for President to a cheering crowd, to the ever-growing throngs of adoring supporters, to now being the presumptive republican nominee it only serves to prove another great showman’s  famous line:  “There’s a sucker born every minute!”



  1. Mr. Trump is touting his success as a businessman as a reason he should be elected President. Hope someone asks him about the late eighties and early nineties. That was when he drove his business into bankruptcy. He got bailed out because the banks didn’t want to lose all that money. Which only goes to show that if you are rich, you get free Get Out of Jail cards. Also he needs to be asked about the legal problems his businesses have had. Then there is the scam called Trump University. It does look like Mr. Trump has been a corrupt politician all along. Only goes to bring up a question. Is Donald Trump the best the Republican Party can do?

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  2. Your having a great week! With cartoon characters like Donald Trump and Rachel Dolezal you could be up for a Pulitzer.

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  3. Thanks! It’s been a gift that keeps on giving


  4. Can’t stand listening to the man, watching the man speak, or trying to make sense of what’s coming out of his mouth. This is what happens when you are so rich, everyone around you fawns at your feet and says, “That’s right, Mr. Trump! You sure have the answers!” All ego, no substance…!

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    Hey, I KNEW there was a clown missing!

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  7. tom matt

    focus on the other jokers !!

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