The Usual GOP Suspects

Republican cdebate on CNN and Vintage game Lie Detector

The cast of usual suspects

With  the flurry of fabrications, misinformation and GOP gobbledygook  running rampant among the usual suspects at the Republican debate, my 1960 “Official Mattel Lie Detector” came in mighty handy.



  1. Easy to tell when Republicans move, their lips are moving.

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  2. It’s hard to tell which is which. They say the same thing.

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  3. You can easily spot politicians by their long noses and their asbestos pants…

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  4. Please lend me your “Official Mattel Lie Detector.”Just how accurate is it? Specifics, please.


    • Due to the inordinate amount of lying over a three hour period, the lie detector blew a fuse, and sadly after 50 years is no longer operable. It worked in good stead even through the tumultuous Nixon years but the apparently it wasn’t set up to handle the massive amount of lying from each of the suspects…er candidates that we witnessed Wed evening.

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      • Damn, now how will I know who’s telling the truth. Maybe we can water board them before and after every answer. But, no the movie “Zero dark thirty” implied a little torture followed with a calm ingestion of fruits, cheese and olives worked better. I know, I’ll dig out my Chatty Cathy and ask her to say yes if they’re lying and know if they aren’t. How accurate do you think she might be? I never knew her to lie. Oh, and then there’s the magic eight ball–no it never gave me the answer i knew was true. Definitely inaccurate.

        Joking aside. I really enjoy your site.

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  6. Haha…good connection to an old favorite. A toy for those of us with trust issues.

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  7. LOL….perfect tool for the 2 and 4-year political cycles Sally! This campaign though, I don’t think you or anyone could stock enough batteries, replacement fuses, or alarm-lights to make it to the primaries! But I’m sure we could have lots of poking-fun with that needle pen, huh? 😉

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    • as another stellar former GOP candidate would say, “you betcha!”

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      • Hah! That almost sounds Texan. I don’t listen or watch any of the news coverage, campaigns, or debates anymore — do my own political & personal background research of candidates when primaries are known up until election day — because my time is too valuable. Nevertheless, with a wad of chew behind the lip & cheek along with two six-shooters, you’d be quickly elected here! 😛

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