Art Exhibit – Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action

Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action, at the Nave gallery, Somerville, Mass.

Sight, Sound and Action

I am pleased to be part of an exciting exhibition Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, Mass. opening this Friday October 9, 2015 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Artists from across the nation were invited to submit works around themes of social, cultural, economic, human rights, women’s rights, political and social justice activism that combine visual art with music in order to tell a more compelling story and, by doing so, affirm the many bonds between sight and sound.

Better Living Through Chemistry -SallyEdelsteincollage

Better Living Through Chemistry – collage by Sally Edelstein on view at the Nave Gallery Annex , Somerville, Mass. October 8-31, 2015

We were asked to choose a song to which to pair our art- a song that is directly linked to the theme of their work, which will be accessed via QR codes on the wall statement

Better Things For Better Living Through chemistry

For my collage Better Living Through Chemistry, what better choice than “Better Things For Better Living…Through Chemistry,” the theme song  from Du Pont’s exhibit” Wonderful World of Chemistry at the 1964 Worlds Fair.

Better Living Through Chemistry

collage Sally Edelstein Better Living Through Chemistry appropriated images

Detail of Collage “Better Living Through Chemistry” by Sally Edelstein

Post war America’s romance with novelty blossomed as the world of plastics and chemicals was beginning to be revealed to the nation’s wondering eyes. Eager to live out the dreams depicted in the colorful ads that ran in all the magazines, each new miracle was highly anticipated. It was expected that as natural resources became depleted, a cornucopia of synthetics would be ready to take over.
Concern for conservation was irrelevant to the promise of tomorrow.
Our pride in technology extended to the kitchen and the food chemists were wizards of altering  emulating and improving upon mother nature. We came to regard new products as the prime indicators of progress with little regard to consequences to our health or the environment.
My silent spring childhood memories would be chemically infused.  
If you are near Somerville, Mass.  this Friday I invite you all to attend this intriguing show



Karen Gutfreund and Sherri Cornett of Gutfreund Cornett Art

October 8-31, 2015
Held in conjunction with HONK! AROUND THE WORLD, an exhibition of statements, photographs and posters from HONK! festivals worldwide.

Nave Gallery Annex, 53 Chester St, Somerville, MA

Friday, October 9, 2015; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday-Friday, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Saturday, 2:00 pm-6:00 pm

Elaine Alibrandi, Lorraine Bonner, Tyrone Brown-Osborne, Bunny California, Michele Colburn, Debra Dobkins, Pamela Dodds, Sally EdelsteinChristine Giancola, Lidia Hasenauer, Heide Hatry, Maggy Hiltner, Cheryl Hirshman,Barry Jones, Karen Joy, Marky Kauffmann, Dante Kirkman, Beth Lakamp, Jacalyn Lopez Garcia, Elaine Luther, Penny Mateer, Lilianne Milgrom, Marie Noorani,Priscilla Otani, Trix Rosen, Irina Sheynfeld, Mary Shisler, Robin Shores, Marlene Siff, Karl Stephan, Jennifer Weigel and Tina Ybarra




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