Merry Christmas to Americas Teachers

vintage ad illustration woman in front of a Xmas tree

Vintage Christmas ad 1947 General Mills

A vintage Christmas wish we can all still learn from.

In a letter written to a fictitious teacher, General Mills offered praise to Americas often under appreciated and underpaid teachers in this  beautifully illustrated ad from 1947.

Dear Miss Miller:

You work hard.

It is no easy task to turn 27,000,000 boys and girls into healthy, intelligent citizens. yet in your quiet, effective way that is what you and the million other teachers of America’s children are helping to do. And you are doing it in spite of generally inadequate pay scales, overcrowded classrooms, and widespread indifference to your problems.

We cannot forget that our company has a very real stake in the results of your guidance and leadership. Quite suddenly these boys and girls of yours will become the workers, the farmers, the stockbrokers and the customers upon whom we depend for existence.

Helping you to plant the seeds of good citizenship seems to us to be sound business. That’s why, for example, we are working with elementary school teachers in a joint Nutrition Education Program…why we are cooperating to the fullest with those organizations seeking to improve your working and living conditions.

And so, Miss Miller, we want you to know that our “Merry Christmas” to you this season carries with it sincere thanks and appreciation for the vitally important job you are doing.

Yours sincerely,

The Men and Women of General Mills

Lesson Plan

Nearly 70 years after this ad from General Mills ran, teachers  still struggle with low pay and less than ideal working conditions. Lets hope Santa is good to each and every one of them this year.

A Merry Christmas and a big thank you to all of Americas teachers!



  1. The best Christmas teachers could have it to be appreciated more for the absolutely essential work they do. And to quit blaming them for the failure of our educational system. And General Mills, if you want to be truly thankful for teachers, be willing to raise your taxes to give them a raise.

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  2. As a very struggling Special Ed teacher in Texas and one that LOVES teaching Social Studies/History (i.e. the real accurate unbiased history!)… I greatly appreciate this post Sally!

    Thank you kindly and have a safe, wonderful holiday season! ❤ 🙂

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  3. Thank you for your commitment and passion to teaching and I wish you wonderful holiday season too!

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