Jeb Bush – The Eyes Have It

Jeb Bush no glasses

Jeb Bush ditches his trademark glasses for contacts

I Can See Clearly Now Dept.

I guess voters don’t make passes at candidates who wear glasses! At least that seems to be the conventional campaign wisdom in Bushworld now that  Jeb Bush has ditched his trademark  brainiac glasses for cooler contact lenses.

Sorry Jeb, I’m still gonna take a pass!



  1. I am a staunch conservative Rep.
    Yet, I’m taking a pass on all of them…there’s not one single candidate on either side I want to vote for…not one. Right now, I’m deciding between Mickey Mouse and Shrek.

    Angie @

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    • My Republican friends feel the same way as you.Its very discouraging indeed.


      • Don’t get me wrong, I was just teasing above. I will of course vote. NOT to vote is… unAmerican. 🙂
        I just really can’t decide which buffoon is the least objectionable buffoon. I even–for a split second–looked at the Dems to see if there was one, even one, I would be willing to switch party hats for, for the first time ever. There’s not.

        There was a time in my life many, many moons ago when candidates were impressive, commendable and respected. I was very proud of the men and women and voted for…and they carried my respect with honor. Now…it’s not the same.

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      • You could always vote for the Libertarian party if you are not inclined to vote for Democrats.

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  2. These GOP goons bear no resemblance to remembrances of Republicans past . You might be interested in my most recent post about when the GOP was really grand.
    Today when the phrase “moderate” Republican is an oxymoron, it seems like fiction to imagine a time when there really were progressive liberal Republicans who roamed the political landscape. One such Republican was Jacob Javits, a GOP who really was Grand, who was, by the way, my first political kiss. A baby’s first kiss from a politician is always remembered and mine in 1955 was no exception


  3. I think more than any time in our history; elections this year will have a direct and profound effect on our future as individuals and as a Nation. Change is needed but we must be careful what we change.


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