Make America White Again

Vintage laundry ad illustration of laundry hanging

No way to whitewash this one…

Donald Trump’s dirty laundry – despicable former KKK grand wizard David Duke endorses Trump to “Make America White Again.”


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  1. tophat17

    Trump is a racist vulture

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  2. I was going to say that it’s amazing how unabashedly racist people could be back then – but then again, it still is amazing.

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  3. If we did that, I would have to give up all my African American, Hispanic and Asian friends. 😦

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  4. There’s a anti-racist, pro-gay tumblr meme called ‘Make America Gay Again’ floating around; I find it very tumblr, tongue-in-cheek, and just…the classic example of tumblr’s leftist humour


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