Hitting Below The Belt

Vintage wooden "Peter Meter" 1950s

How do the Republican candidates measure up? Vintage wooden” Peter Meter” 1950s

The Republicans Man Up

In a dick measuring contest better suited to a junior high school locker room than at a forum to elect a presidential candidate, the Republicans are hitting below the belt.

Now that the political debate has devolved to such vital issues concerning whether a candidate is a “grower or a shower” it’s time to settle it all with this vintage “Peter Meter” to see how each candidate measures up.

Just a Teaser

Vintage wooden "Peter Meter" 1950's

Vintage wooden “Peter Meter” 1950’s This gag “Peter Meter” was the source of plenty of guffaws at mid century parties and Kiwanis Club meetings.

Attacking Trumps virility, Little Marco mocks The Donald about the small size of his hands. “You know what they say about men and small hands….” wink, wink.


wooden "peter meter" 1950s

Vintage “Peter Meter” 1950’s

With a smirk and a smile, Trump defends his manhood, guaranteeing voters there is no problem with the size of his hands..or anything else, wink wink.

Our national security is in good hands.

Hands down, this is the most juvenile conversation I have heard since 8th grade health class.

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2016.



  1. Agreed — last night was a total embarrassment for everyone involved (the audience included.)

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  2. Good grief! Is this the worst election year ever?! I could not believe some of the exchanges at the GOP convention last night.

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  3. This is fantastic! It made me laugh so much my co-workers wondered what I was reading! If you pardon the pun, I penned a very short (& hopefully fictional) 6 sentence story regarding Mr Donald yesterday…


  4. I bet the moderators were afraid Trump would unzip his pants and pull it out. That’s the kind of thing one has begun to expect from these candidates.


  5. He’s saving that gesture for his State of the Union address


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