Coloring The Truth About Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz To the Future Coloring Activity Book 2013

Let’s color in the truth about Ted Cruz. “Ted Cruz To the Future Coloring Activity Book” 2013 Really Big Coloring Books

The Ted Cruz To the Future Coloring Book  was the  2013 “gotta have” present for the young tea party tyke in training.

Nervous conservative parents concerned that the liberal media would turn their child into an Obama supporter, could relax! For hours of truth filled fun, this educational book promised to indoctrinate the kiddies in truth justice and the American way…at least the tea party way.

Just be sure to color within the line kids.

The St Louis publisher, Really Big Coloring Books,  promised it was a “non partisan, fact-driven view of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, that details his quotes, his ideas and what he believes will help America grow.”

Ted Cruz coloring book page Right to bear arms

“Ted is a firm supporter of the constitution specifically the second Amendment. Cruz has stated the president (Obama) has a disregard for the Bill of Rights.” Ted Cruz to the Future Coloring Book 2013

This non-partisan book stated that Cruz supports the second amendment unlike our socialist President Barack Obama who has a consistent disregard for constitutional right. If Obama had his way he’d probably outlaw the Nerf-N-Stroke Rapidstrike Blaster Junior wanted for Christmas!

Ted Cruz Coloring Book

Ted Cruz was the most mistrusted and reviled republican senator. Ted Cruz To the Future Coloring Book 2013

This truth filled book also stated that “millions of citizens believe Obama Care is worse than any war.”

“The Ted Cruz to the Future Coloring Book” did so well coloring the pockets of  its publisher with lots of green, that the following year they released a new 8 page supplement to the original coloring book.

Entitled “Ted Saves America” it included images of their hero flying like superman and riding a great American bald eagle, and kids, it’s as fun-filled as the original.

Now that the future is here and  the presidential primaries are in full swing, this fact driven book warrants a look-see.

Ted Saves America

"Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book"

Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book 2014 Really Big Coloring Books. Time to break out the mostly red crayons and color the truth.

With his right-wing squinty eyes now pointed at the Presidential prize, conniving Ted Cruz, steeped in religious fanaticism and extremism, is trying to reinvent himself.

As he  repaints himself in broad brushstrokes as a populist, he is still set on saving America… and the Republican party.

There aren’t enough crayons in a Crayola box to paint that picture.

I say,  break out your Crayola kids and lets color in the truth.

Fighting For All American Citizens

Ted Cruz saves America Fighting For all citizens

His views are misogynist, homophobic, racist and takes a hard-line on immigration. Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book 2014

Just ask yourself…Who will fight harder for all American citizens than a misogynist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic  tolerant Ted Cruz.

Sure he rejects same-sex marriage, wants to defund Planned Parenthood and has worked tirelessly to push an anti-abortion agenda. Immigration reform, no way Jose.  And he’d end birthright citizenship pronto.  Yes, he voted against Minimum Wage Fairness Act a bill that would increase Federal minimum wage  but he promises to abolish the IRS.

This Republican  party savior has railed against Supreme Court rulings upholding Obamacare “as the definition of tyranny.”

But, don’t let his racist rhetoric like claiming Black Lives Matter is “literally suggesting and embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers” fool you.  He’s fighting for all citizens.

Lets color him intolerant

Family Values

Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book The Cruz family 2014

Family Values. Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book 2014

This “one nation under God” family man doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state and fully supports the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

A true believer in family values, as long as it follows a traditional path, Ted assured voters he will address the “crisis of gay marriage.” His main priorities as president, he has said  was to defend traditional marriage.

This page is best left uncolored. Any colors that appear in the rainbow are not allowed.

Democracy Flies High  American Exceptionalism

Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book Democracy Flies High

American exceptionalism is riddled with a lot of exceptions. Ted Cruz Saves America Coloring Book 2014

Riding the can do optimism of  mid-century America, Cruz hawks American exceptionalism like its 1956.  Like a good American he has long prided himself on democracy, diversity  and equality for all – that is as long as you were white, protestant and middle class.

Tell the Children the Truth

ted cruz saves america cooring book tell the children tell the truth

As Eugene Robinson a Washington Post Columnist wrote in December: “If Ted Cruz is the Republican party’s cure for Donald Trump, the antidote may be worse than the poison.” Ted Cruz Saves America 2014

As Cruz tries to color himself likeable and presidential,  lets remember exactly who he is…colorless, cunning and contemptible.

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2016.




  1. Pierre Lagacé

    At first I thought you made this up…

    I don’t know how I can comment further.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes both books are jaw droppingly real and these are a selection of pages from the coloring books.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Pierre Lagacé

        Jaw dropping! That’s what I had on the tip of my tongue…

        Simply unbelievable for any “Christian”, whether born again, or always was, or contemplating to be one… one of these latter days.

        I’m sorry for commenting this way. Must be the caffeine.

        Liked by 4 people

  2. Always appreciate your thoughtful comments Pierre, whether fueled by coffee or not

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  3. Enjoyed this post Sally. However, I MUCH PREFER a Bill Nye the Science Guy Coloring Encyclopaedia complete with the 400-700 nanometer wavelength spectrum coloring markers set! Yes, most non-religious students know those colors only represent the 6-Basic lightspectrum colors, so I want the Hyper-Science Upgrade box of Invisible-to-Human-Eye color wavelengths!!!

    Does preacher’s son Ted Cruz offer that? 😈 😀

    On a more serious note, the very first time I heard Senator Cruz speak — here in Texas years ago — he made the erroneous and naive remark that the U.S was founded as a Christian nation. My eyes bugged-out like bowling balls over his comment; couldn’t believe that an elected U.S. Senator didn’t even KNOW correctly our nation’s history of Founding Fathers, the exact wording (and unused words!) in the Declaration of Independence and our own Constitution/Bill of Rights!

    Then I later found out why: his family, primary, & secondary educations. Of course his critical years were from his father, Faith West Academy in Katy, TX and Second Baptist High School in Houston, TX. Say no more.

    His political platforms ever since fall inline with family, educational, and religious upbringing. Oh! He’s from Texas too — whoo-da thunk!?

    On behalf of all moderate/liberal intelligent Texans, what’s left of us here, I deeply apologize for Ted Cruz’s lack of accurate quality history-education which have deeply maligned his politics. 😦

    Great post Sally. ❤

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    • The religious right love to rewrite history, especially about the Founding Fathers

      Liked by 3 people

      • Indeed. ‘Repackaging’ works superbly when the educational standards of a large nation (the U.S.) are not even in the world’s Top 10-20 and Common Core Standards are constantly obstructed by the Ted Cruzes of the nation. When only about 31.7% of Americans over age 24 even attain a bachelor’s degree (2013)…

        then naivety is the norm. Factor in how many of those universities are private Xian under-grad curriculums, you have a much larger problem in 2-4 generations!

        Fyi… in Texas, only 25.2% get their h.s. diploma! That’s beyond ashamed! 😦

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  4. That statistic is appalling!

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  5. Raphael Cruz is a dangerous, lying person who was born in Canada and who was a Canadian citizen until 2013, or so. He cost taxpayers billions of dollars with his government ‘shut-down’ only a few years ago. Now, he wants to be President? Gimme a break!

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  6. Gee, I feel so left-out. I mean all I had were Bozo the Clown and Dumbo coloring books when I was a kid. Darn. And just think. I would have gotten so many chances to use red. I never was partial to blue anyway. What to do. What to do.


  7. Pierre Lagacé

    This post ought to be viral!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow! You really find the most interesting things. I can’t begin to imagine the meeting that ended with “we need to produce a Ted Cruz coloring book.” Hey, but at least it’s non-partisan. 🙂 Maybe if (ugh!) Cruz becomes president he can give a copy to all newborns, something like Chairman Mao’s little red book.


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