Taming the Republican Rogue Elephant in the Room

vintage illustration clown and elephant

Republicans who failed to stop the Trump clown circus when they had a chance have only themselves to blame for this debacle of divisiveness.

Now Donald Trump is like a rogue elephant  that separates from the  herd roaming the landscape alone, dangerous and unpredictable.



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    There is nothing more dangerous than a rogue elephant.

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  2. There is nothing more dangerous than a rogue Trump.

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  3. If he is eventually elected President, if the American public and its voters are not already drawn into serious question of either 1) decent or quality social-political education (critical-thinking skills) through primary & secondary schooling, or 2) psychological health and the ability to think and decide logically versus EMOTIONALLY… then the U.S. is in real serious trouble and honestly deserves every consequence coming for it. 😦

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  4. Like Frankenstein’s monster he was created by the GOP’s negativity and fear-mongering. Is it any wonder that he broke his chains and they had no-one to challenge him? If we are to have our democracy restored then the Republican Party model is dead, and needs to seriously rethink what it really stands FOR not just what it has stood AGAINST for the last few decades. This is not going to happen quickly; at least one election cycle I would guess…

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  5. Reblogged this on sixdegreesofstoogeration and commented:
    Hey, there’s only (roughly) 6 more months of this! Then we can all hail the clown!
    I’ll bet the queenly sum of 1 cent that Trump will make a stronger showing than we could’ve thought–if not winning outright.

    Think about it! People have always said that the country can be run like a business, so…who better than Donald Trump?!


  6. Henry

    I am left with my “Get Out and Go Travel Agency” if this guy actually takes it in November. He’s tricky and agile and amoral. Say anything, do anything. He took a registered trademark on “Make America Great Again” for political usage…less than a week after Romney lost; 4 years back. Then, of course, the birth’r garbage as an ongoing theme and rallying point. All this leads to the entrance doorstep of a ‘plan’ in the works for a while.


  7. Henry

    Is this a nightmare or am I awake?


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