What Donald Trump Could Learn From a Vintage Comic Book

comics Prejudice at work 1957 Blackhawk comics

A vintage Public Service Ad  baby boomer Donald Trump must have skipped over. “Danger: Prejudice at Work”  1957 Blackhawk Comics

Donald Trump’s “Good Neighbor” policy is appallingly un-American.

Although sometimes it seems that all Donald Trump learned about life he learned from a comic book, clearly Little Donnie would have benefited from reading these Public Service ads that ran in  DC comic books in the 1950’s.


comics Welcome Amigo PSA

What Donald Trump could learn about being Amigos together. Public Service Ad 1955 “Welcome Amigo” written by Jack Schiff and art by Win Mortimer

Today señor Trump has a lot to learn about being amigos together!

Comics People are People PSA

Vintage Public Service Ad

Donald Trump might have done us all a service if he had actually taken to heart any one of these ads.



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Very well put!

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  2. Lynn

    As seen in Drumpf’s business dealings, he doesn’t care about “others”, only money. At 70 years old, it’s probably too late to learn. Bless his heart.

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  3. If our population and electoral college put (t)Rump in the White House, we are headed for a very anxious, unpredictable, roller-coaster ride in foreign affairs and policy — I won’t even go into the serious domestic issues that WILL arise — for the next 4 years! Just thinking of that potential makes all the hair on my arms and neck stand up. :/

    Another good TRumpelstiltskin post Sally. 😉

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  4. Gad! When right wing Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” sees Trump as a threat to American democracy, you know things are serious! This time last year, he and Mika practically devoted the show to Trump’s rantings.

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    • Hopefully it’s a sign that sanity is returning to America

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      • I hope so. I’ve quit watching “Morning Joe” any number of times (I fear I have a n addiction….!) because of Scarborough’s inability to let his co-hosts and guests express a complete thought.

        He was talking over everyone again today, but I was intrigued that he finally wasn’t swallowing Trump’s pernicious brew of hate, lies, and witlessness. Watching him was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it was a train coming from the opposite direction.


  5. Reading comic books should be about Trump’s speed, given his simplistic worldview, but I fear that he still wouldn’t grasp the message.

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