Girls, the Sky’s the Limit

sexist Toys Games Careers SWScan09901

From now on when a little girl thinks of what she can be when she grows up…

Sexist Toys Games Careers

What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls 1966 Board Game. Players learn what it takes to become a teacher, ballerina, nurse, model, actress and airline stewardess. For girls 8 to 13.

she doesn’t have to just choose between a ballerina, a nurse, a stewardess, a teacher or a model.

sexist career choices illustration and Hillary Clinton accepting nomination

The door has swung open, the woman card has been dealt and she can answer proudly, “President of the United States!”

“When there are no ceilings the sky’s the limit!”  Hillary Clinton

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  2. My fingers are so crossed in hopes that Hillary is the next President. One of the things that this election is going to depend on is turn-out. Some of Bernie’s followers want to pout and do everything they can to make sure Hillary loses. Just like those voting for Nader cost Gore the election. I don’t get liberals some times. They would prefer a person who will work against everything they believe in rather than swallow their pride and vote for Mrs. Clinton. Sad, isn’t it?

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