Trumps Revisionist History


Is Donald Trumps whitewashing the horrendous history of slavery by his recent remarks about the current state of African-Americans?

Only in Donald Trump’s revisionist dreamscape is the African-American community in the “absolutely worst shape they’ve ever been in. Ever. Ever. Ever!”



Slave masks. Sometimes an iron muzzle was imposed on slaves who were accused by their masters of insubordination or of eating more than their allotment of food.




  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Little by little I see that the United States is slowly imploding, and this makes me extremely sad Sally.

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  2. We have always had racist idiots trying to impose their version of reality on the rest of us. This is maybe the first time that one of those idiots has run for president and made it this far into the process. What is the most alarming is the idea of anyone supporting this psychotic man at this stage of the campaign. My guess he will end up attacking someone physically then he can finally be arrested.

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  3. Revisionism seems to be Trump’s raison d-etre at the moment. Like the audacity of him expecting to be thanked for “ending” the birther issue that he’s been stoking for years. Doesn’t he realize we’ve been here the whole time?

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  4. I live in a red state. Most of the people I know think Trump “is refreshing and speaks his mind”. So do three-year-olds who don’t yet understand they aren’t the center of the world.

    The only positive thing I can say about Trump is we people who listen to and hear what he actually says know he is a narcissistic, lying, racist, misogynistic megalomaniac who specializes in using and abusing others to fill his coffers with money. Other than that, he’s a wonderful person. LOL!

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