Megyn Kelly Cuts Newt Gingrich Down to Size

illustration newt-gingrich-paper-doll-1995

Them’s fightin’ words Newt! Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich argued on her news program Tuesday night. Newt in his tidy whities, illustration by Peter Georgeson and Sylvia Shapiro

Hey Newt, cut it out!

I got news for you Newt! It’s not the 1990’s anymore when as House Speaker you were quite the lady-killer with your merry extra marital affair with a House staffer even as Republicans attempted to impeach then President Bill Clinton for lying about his own affair with a White House intern.

Those good ol’ boy moves you learned from the locker room and The Old White Man’s Playbook don’t work anymore, Mr. Gingrich.

newt-gingrich-paper-dolls-in underwear illustration

Lets expose Newt for the misogynist he really is. Illustration from: Newt! A Paper Doll Book MacMillan 1995 by Doug Mayer, Jim Becker and Andy Mayer Illustrations Peter Georgeson and Sylvia Shapiro

The current backlash has been swift after this infamously philandering Trump surrogate accused Megyn Kelly  of being “fascinated by sex” when she brought up the accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump on her Fox news program The Kelly File.

Watching a thrice married, overweight, agitated white man in his 70’s wagging his finger accusingly while lecturing a composed and focused  woman in her 40’s, was more than ludicrous…it was downright agitating.

FYI, Kelly wasn’t talking about a romp in the sack, she was talking about assault.

Newt’s comments were straight from the Trump Official Playbook for Misogynists where he conflates sexual assault, a crime, with sex, a pleasurable, fun act between consenting people.

Naturally, Trump later praised Gingrich for an “amazing interview.”

Go, Gingrich, Go

We thought the former House Speaker had finally faded into the sunset after his unsuccessful attempt at the presidency in 2012.

But the call of duty to join in Trump’s Band of Merry Misogynists lured the Lothario out of the woodwork, along with that other card-carrying, thrice married, cheater  Rudy Giuliani.

But Megan Kelly cut Gingrich right down to size last night.

Let’s Cut Newt Down to Size


Newt! A Paper Doll Book MacMillan 1995 by Doug Mayer, Jim Becker and Andy Mayer Illustrations Peter Georgeson and Sylvia Shapiro

So it seems only fitting to take a peek back to 1995, the year the US government shut down, when a paper doll book featuring  Newt Gingrich was published.

While Congress cooled their heels, folks could have a pork barrel of fun dressing and undressing Newt, proving this King of the Hill was more like the emperor who had no clothes.

Kinda like what Megyn Kelly did last night.

Included with the various outfits to dress up the Republican  leader, this family man who promoted family values, was this one illuminating page where Newt actually dresses in a Hillary Clinton outfit.


Included on this page is a fun Ted Kennedy punching doll, and stylish First Lady Hillary Clinton outfit- red non-pants-suit. Page from: Newt! A Paper Doll Book MacMillan 1995 by Doug Mayer, Jim Becker and Andy Mayer Illustrations Peter Georgeson and Sylvia Shapiro

When he’s not meeting with his friends from the Tobacco Industries of America or the Allied Organization of Chemical Industries, Mr. speaker has his hands full keeping all those Republicans in line!

It’s amazing what a few quick lashes across the rear end will do to get him back on track.

Everyone has his own way of relaxing, and Newt is no different.After a long day of haggling over legislative details, Newt loves to kick back in his Hillary Clinton outfit.

Why? Only a qualified therapist could say for sure. But, after all, what better way to get the president to do whatever Newt desires?


Boys Club

newt-gingrich-paper doll book -1990's republicans-illustrations

Illustration from: Newt! A Paper Doll Book MacMillan 1995 by Doug Mayer, Jim Becker and Andy Mayer. Illustrations Peter Georgeson and Sylvia Shapiro

Included in the book was a bonus of Republican trading cards, featuring the all-stars of the all boys club .

Among this group of Casanova’s who likely shared a Congressional locker room with the House Speaker, are Jessie “The Stud” Helms, Orrin “cocksman ” Hatch,  Bob “Big Boy” Dole, and Phil“skirt chaser” Gramm. You can bet plenty of locker room banter went on between these old, white, ladies men.

Don’t you think its time we cut out all this kind of talk?

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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Delightfully funny Sally.

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  2. [Insert finger in mouth and…URP!] Um, beyond a doubt it is time, Sally. Past time.

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    Sorry for posting this Sally…
    A ticking time bomb…

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  4. I don’t think it’s Megyn Kelly with sex on the brain. I think it is Donald Trump’s Kitchen Cabinet that has sex on the brain. While she was sick in the hospital, Newt told his wife he wanted a divorce, so he could marry his girlfriend with whom he had been having sex. Rudy moved his girlfriend in to the mayor’s mansion while he was still married. And I don’t think there was a woman at Fox Roger Ailes didn’t harass sexually. And maybe he even harassed Bill O’Reilly. So, Newt, you should keep your big mouth shut.

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