Post Voting Stress Relief

voting-green-river-whiskey-vintage ad

Done voting? Time to break out the booze.

As the end finally draws near to the most stressful and divisive election in memory, lets pause  to honor two great American institutions.

Voting and whiskey.


Vintage ad 1940 Green Mile Whiskey

“Of all characteristics that bespeak America,” we read in this 1940 ad for Green Mile Whiskey “none is more precious than the privilege of voting.”

Yes, we all know voting is an American institution.

But apparently so is whiskey.

The ad reminds us: “But others have their places too. Among these we are proud to mention that love of hearty good living which prompted generations of American to demand Green River Whiskey.”

“It is as truly American as the polling booth.”

And at the end of this election, with the news of a Trump victory nothing has ever seemed  more necessary.





  1. Pierre Lagacé

    I don’t drink but I understand some of you might want to relax a bit with whiskey.

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  2. The only way to get through this…

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  3. As I wrote my German friend Nicole in response to her despair at the election of that man to the presidency: “What a wonderful end to a day that started with me getting a colonoscopy and a upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Does someone want to kill my cats in front of me so I can end it on a high note? [sarcasm]”

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  4. Even more so now, in the cold light of the morning after. What the heck just happened???

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  6. Hah! Love it! Did the exact same thing Sally. 😀

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  7. Evidently half of American went out drinking after voting. We’ve got one heck of a hangover.

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