Trump’s Rallying Cry


In that time honored tradition favored by demagogues throughout history, Trump wants to continue having rallies even after he’s sworn in.


Adolph Hitler and his adoring supporters at the Nuremberg Rally 1935

Donald Trump just can’t bear being away from the adulation of his throngs of adoring fans whipping his supporters into a frenzy, amidst the ongoing rash of racist, sexist and xenophobic attacks that have increased since his election .

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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    I can’t say I am enjoying what’s happening down South.

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    • We are not happy campers down here either. But I hope you are aware that there has been enormous backlash with protests and marches against Trump in cities and towns across the country. I marched in NYC on Sat and the roar of the peaceful crowd was deafening. It was very affirming being surrounded by others ( 25,000 folks) who shared the same pain, fear, and outrage.

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I think we should be building a wall… (pun intended of course)

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  3. I wonder if President Trump’s inauguration will look like a Nationalist rally, with Confederate flags flapping in the winter wind. 😦

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  4. In a tweet yesterday about cabinet positions, I noticed that Trump said only he knows who the “finalists” are. Evidently he just can’t get away from his reality show mindset (and terminology), and no doubt these on-going rallies fit into that same scheme of things. Is this constant need to be feted and adored at all times narcissism or incredible insecurity?

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