Heavens to Betsy, Our Schools Go to Hell

Vintage Illustration schoolboy blackboard

Heavens to Betsy, there should be no surprise about DeVos’s confirmation.

Donald Trump did say: “I Love the poorly educated.”

Trump won bigly with the uneducated voters so perhaps this is just part of the Republican’s larger plan to simply create more of them by electing supremely unqualified Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Vintage schoolbook Illustration

How long before Alternative Facts are added to the required school curriculum?



  1. Quote: “How long before Alternative Facts are added to the required school curriculum?” Hahahahaha! Too funny, but when one thinks about it, “fuddlementalist” right-winged Christians who basically co-opted the GOP (God’s Own Party) have been teaching alternative facts in schools all over for hundreds of years. Should we be surprised they want to go back and “Make America Great Again” (or is that “Grate Again”) by going back to teaching creationism and such enlightened views? Or as was bandied under the introductory years of trickle down economics of Reagan the Clown, teaching the basic 3 “R’s” of “Reading, Riting, Ritmetic”? Oh yeah, maybe some shop and typing but no more confusing kids’ minds with godless art, history, philosophy, science.

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  2. Here is a quote from Brown v. Board of Education: “The “separate but equal” doctrine adopted in Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537, has no place in the field of public education.” It says that there cannot be segregation in public schools. But it doesn’t mention anything about private schools. Maybe that is the reason so many want to dump public education in this country. If we privatize our education system, lo and behold segregation is constitutional.

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  3. To Don R – I guess that would be because private ed is just business?


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