How To Pick Up Girls- The Old Boys Club Way

Donald trump

Just in time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, our Predator in Chief supports another sexual predator Bill O’ Reilly. Clearly Donald Trump has not evolved from the 1970’s misogynist make out artist he imagined himself to be. Their  supporters might want to dismiss his actions as coming from a man of fame and fortune but it speaks to the realities and pervasiveness of our rape culture, one which has long sanctioned and even encouraged this behavior for the ordinary man. (Photo by Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

 Just in time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, our clueless Sexual Predator in Chief Donald Trump welcomes Bill O Reilly into the Boys Behaving Badly Club of Male Entitlement.”I don’t think Bill Did anything wrong,” Trump commented,  days after it was reported that 5 women had received settlements after making sexual harassment claims against Bill O’Reilly.

Next thing you know he’ll be giving Bill Cosby the President’s Medal of Honor. Hosted by Roger Ailes, the ceremony would be  held in the locker room of the White House of course.

Boys Being Boys

From the caveman to the Donald,  red-blooded men have been encouraged to be on the prowl for chicks. Licking their chops like a pack of hungry wolves, real men stalk women, never taking no for an answer, persistent even in the face of rejection.

Bill O'Reilly

A young Bill O’Reilly would surely score with plenty of foxy chicks. Years later, the same behavior wouldn’t go over so well at Fox.

Clearly Bill O Reilly and Donald Trump have not evolved from the 1970s “pick up artist” they imagined himself to be.

Who can forget when Trump the Republican presidential candidate  was caught on a hot mike in a 2005 conversation bragging in vulgar terms about kissing, groping grabbing pussy and trying to score with women.

But apparently he was unsuccessful in one encounter.

Reported in the Washington Post who first obtained the video:

In that audio, Trump discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the video.

“I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it,” Trump is heard saying.

“I did try and fuck her. She was married,” Trump says.

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,” Trump says.


Books How to Pick Up Girls Book

Vintage Book 1970 How to Pick Up Girls by Eric Weber The sort of 1970’s male entitlement manifesto that enabled a Donald Trump

Well, obviously the Art of the Deal Don was a loser and couldn’t close the deal when it came to that married woman.

If only the Donald  had availed himself of the wisdom of mating guru Eric Weber whose 1970 book “How to Pick Up Girls” became the quintessential guide for the testosterone driven members of the Me Generation. The sort of 1970’s male entitlement manifesto that enabled a Donald Trump, a Bill O Reilly and Bill Cosby to flourish for decades unchecked.

It was the gold standard in helping millions of groovy guys pick up foxy ladies in the 1970s.

And it made Weber a lot of loot.

Male Entitlement

This misogynist’s manifesto of male entitlement promised a fool-proof guide to meeting good-looking girls “whenever and wherever, in bars, buses trains even on the streets – without a formal introduction.”

And without drugging your date….Bill Cosby style.

Despite being rife with sexism it never once suggests resorting to spiking your dates drink.


Books How to Pick Up Girls

The Fabulous 25

His formula was simple. Weber was a shy copywriter wiling his time on Madison Ave, when he decided to interview a bunch of “terrific looking women” he called the Fabulous 25. “They are all smart poised witty and good talkers the kind of girls you’d give at least one of your eye teeth to pick up,” as he described them,

For  these Fabulous 25  getting picked up  is the “hip modern way to meet men…purer than a blind date more in tune with our hip, modern times.”

“Here’s a fantastic piece of information learned from the Fabulous 25. No matter what a man looks like, what kind of job he has, or what his personality’s like, there is one simple thing he can do that will increase his stature in a woman’s eyes 100%.

And that is, he can try to pick her up. That alone says something great about a man. It says he’s courageous that he’s man enough to go out and try to get what he wants”

The  Fabulous 25, the foxy girls who Weber interviewed in 1970 would today more likely to be considered enablers of the entitlement culture at best.

Misogyny Served Straight Up

sexist ad woman and Club soda

What’s better than a drunken woman? “The only thing better than a club soda that’s full of life at the end of a party is a girl who’s full of life at the end of a party!” Vintage Canada Dry Club Soda Ad 1970

Without missing a beat, the book immediately assaults you with a direct hit of misogyny, clearly setting the tenor for the rest of this intolerable tome.

sailors on bus ogling girl in mini skirt

Vintage Benson and Hedges Cigarette ad 1970

The introduction starts casually enough.

“You’re walking down the street,” Weber begins painting a familiar scenario. “Minding your own business. And suddenly you spot a girl.”

“Not just an ordinary girl. Not just a fantastic girl. But the girl—someone so absolutely sexy, so downright delicious-looking.”

Barely able to contain his excitement he continues:

“You’ve just got to see more of her long, lean legs,” he pants. “Her fine, rounded breasts,” he salivates. “Her high, firm behind. For an instant you even consider rape.

And who could blame you? That babe just assaulted you with her beauty!

Can’t Help Myself

sexy man and woman

As Weber explains later in the book, …women want to be picked up!

“Why do you think women parade around in skirts hardly a millimeter below their private parts?” he posits with great sincerity . “Why do you think so many of them have completely stopped wearing bras and panties? Just to look pretty? Don’t be crazy. They’re showing you their breasts and behinds to stimulate you.”

What’s a man to do?

Easing into stalker mode the introduction continues:

“As you close in on her your heart starts to pound like a kettle drum. You rack your brain. How can I manage to kiss her and bite her and hug her and strip off all her clothes?”

“Should I throw myself at her feet and promise her my savings account, my car –even my new set of golf clubs?” he wonders?

Then taking a page from the Fred Flintstone rule book on courting, he continues. “Or should I just grab her long golden locks and drag her off into the sunset?”

“Your mind draws a blank. You don’t know what to do.”

Of course, if you’re Donald Trump  you might just “grab them by the pussy,” After all “when you’re a star you can do anything. You can do anything.”

Or if you’re like Bill Cosby you might just drop a lude into her Mimosa and render the fantastic girl unconscious.

For the rest of the insecure male readers, the book is filled with hundreds of nuggets on how to “bag your prey.”

Time-tested, winning techniques like to get a girl all  laden with  disrespect, arrogance and aggression, are the hallmark of a rape culture.

If it takes lying to pick up a chick, so much the better. Dishonesty it seems is an honest way to pick up a girl.

man and woman at 1970s presidential convention

Just one of his 50 great opening lines that would work well in the election season: “I’m with a company that conducts political polls. Who would you like to see as president in ’72 ( carry a pad and pencil with you. Look official )”

Hard to imagine, but the author of this book, clearly a smooth make-out artist, was once a shy and lonely guy just like the insecure reader who was looking for love in all the wrong places.

Book How to Pick Up Girls ad

Vintage ad for How to Pick Up Girls

What he did was simple. He asked them how an ordinary guy like himself could pick up girls like themselves. Using their responses as the basis of his book Weber offered up the tricks of the trade of meeting women, self published the results, took out some ads in National Lampoon and Penthouse and went on to sell more than 3 million copies.

On the Prowl

phone booth pick up

A man must be ready to pick up a girl anywhere anytime. Vintage ad Benson and Hedges Cigarettes 1970

According to the this guide-book to male entitlement culture,  picking up girls is more than your right as a man. It’s an obligation.

Once on the prowl, show her nothing comes between you and her Calvins.

“If you’re serious. If you’re really serious about picking up women you should be working at it 24 hours a day. You’re going to have to think picking up. In short you’re going to have to be on the prowl, ever alert for even the slightest hint of a possible pick up.”

men fashion SWScan09570

“Here’s what the Fabulous 25 had to say about picking up . To them its the hip modern way to meet men.”

Stalking is not only not forbidden it is encouraged.

“If you see a good-looking girl in the lobby of a building, make sure you get on the same elevator as she does. When she gets off, follow her — even if it’s not your floor.”

“Next time you move in on a girl, think to yourself, ‘I’m doing her a favor.”

And naturally no doesn’t ever really mean no.

“Show her that nothing, neither her feigned look of disinterest nor the pack of girls she hangs around with, is going to stop you from having her.”

vintage book cover Man in Charge illustration man and woman

Vintage Harlequin Romance Novel

And now we come to the reason why gents can do all this. In  the chapter called Born Talented which more aptly should be called Born Entitled, Weber comes to the heart of the matter.

“Whether you know it or not you already have one great thing going for you when it comes to picking up chicks. And that is, you’re a man.”

vintage photo man and woman kissing

What’s so special about that? It puts you in the driver’s seat, that’s what.

As a man, its your right, your privilege to approach a woman any time you want. But women – they’ve got to sit there and wait.

If a man doesn’t have a date on Saturday night, that’s okay. He can still go out on the town – to a bar, a discotheque, a wild party.

But woman – alas poor woman – she can’t do anything but sit around and play canasta with the girls. If she does go out stag, she seems hard up, desperate.

Traditionally, a woman without a man is a tragic figure. But a man without a woman – now that’s a different story.

There’s something romantic about the devil-may-care bachelor who instead of making dull constricting dates weeks in advance, prefers to pick up his women wherever he happens to be at the moment.

sexist Midol For Your man

“The fabulous 25 said they’ve found there aren’t enough single men to go around. And these are really super girls. Imagine how tough it is on girls who aren’t as good-looking.” A girl needs to keep herself appealing always…even during “that time of the month.” In this vintage Midol ad (R) the reader is encouraged to take Midol not to relieve your cramps but to be the “you” your guy likes to be around!

Consequently, women are always a lot more anxious to land a man than a man is to land a woman. A woman is over the hill at 35. A dried up spinster with no romantic hopes. But a bachelor of 35 may just be coming into his own.

Keep this in mind the next time you find yourself shivering with fear at the thought of approaching a strange woman.

You are a man.

If she turns you down, you can try picking up another 2 seconds later. But she – she may have to wait 2 months for the next man to come along. Or even longer.

…That makes you a pretty precious commodity if you happen to have been lucky enough to have been born a man!

“So happy reading. And then happier hunting!”

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



  1. Lynn

    …and so much illness yet to be treated or resolved.

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Nice update of a post I had read on your blog.
    Still watching the reality show down South of the Border… History in the making.

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  3. Sometimes a message bears repeating!

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  4. Yowza–that was freaking creepy to read.

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  5. Charity Burke

    Your article reminded me of this one by my friend Victoria.

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  6. This was a very apropos reread Sally given the fine upstanding (busted) behavior of one Bill O’Reilly. Perfect! Bravo! Like the tennis shoes neighborhood kids toss over telephone lines or power lines, let’s toss over O’Reilly’s tied testicles… up there with Bill Cosby’s, Dr. Larry Nassar’s, Mayor Ed Murray, in the Boy Scouts, in the Church, etc, etc, et al. Ugh… YUK!

    What disappoints me Sally is that the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s mentality of hyper-sexual freedom(?) is STILL alive today from that generation of men! I won’t mention any names in the White House.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Even as that generation of dinasours die out, their sexist notions are like a toxic spill that still remain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely correct. Like those outstandingly true t-shirts I’ve seen that say: “People are not BORN racists!”… sex abuse, assault, discrimination, et al, is taught and allowed to perpetuate, yes even by us men who standby and do/say nothing. 😦

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  8. Geez. When will our society ever grow up. Women everywhere, you deserve much much better than this.

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  9. Pingback: Rape Culture – cmofhappiness

  10. Yes women’ lib has done some amazing things. Who would have thought that the marriage rate for young adults would be cut from 80% to 50% since 1970, and the illegitimacy rate up from 10% to 40% in the same period. Yep those enlightened liberals have got it all figured out, and our society has made such progress !

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  11. hmmm

    Ok Ladies,

    And Sally, I liked your blog..)

    Is saying “You look really nice in that dress/outfit/whatever” sexist and demeaning? I totally get why women would want equal rights, and should be guaranteed those rights. However, when I see a beautiful woman, (and no, I don’t necessarily want to have sex with her!), why is it inappropriate to compliment her? If I dress nicely and a woman, or a guy tells me “looking good”, I don’t get offended. (I’m straight). This is not the seventies, but in this country it seems that if you compliment someone, especially a coworker (which I don’t do for the potential liability!), you are a sexist pig. If I say the same thing in Europe, I may get a “thank you” and a smile, and know that I made someone happy because they were noticed. What’s with this place!!!? Have we lost our minds? And no I am not a Trump apologist. I was raised to respect all people, women and men.

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