American Carnage…No More Thoughts and Prayers

Mass Shootings in America no more thoughts and prayers

Uncle Sam need to get off his knees and take action. Prayers are not a political policy. Sutherland Springs joins the much too long list of mass shootings in recent American history and as usual Congressional lawmakers alike rushed to send out their “thoughts and prayers” but continue to fail to act to end gun violence. Collage by Sally Edelstein

Saying prayers is not enough. Again.

Our Congressional leaders need to get up off their knees and do something about gun violence and ban assault rifles.

Offering prayers but failing to act to end gun violence make their prayers ring hollow.

We need to take meaningful legislative action that truly brings meaning to our prayers and make a consequential difference in the lives of Americans.

Here We Go Again

The routines are numbingly familiar by now.

Every time a mass shooting happens, lawmakers immediately offer “thoughts and prayers” as they have done after the all too many instances of gun violence, yet they continue to not support gun control legislation that could actually prevent future mass shootings.


It’s as simple as  ABC, or more precisely,  NRA.

Off With Their Heads

vintage illustration mens heads mounted on walls over fireplace with guns

My prayers are with you… my votes with the NRA

Many of these politicians have collected hefty campaign donations from the influential and well-funded gun lobby.

These same politicians who greedily accept gun lobby money are quick with their condolences after the mass shootings but when it comes to gun laws they cool their heels.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a critic of Congressional inaction on gun violence  tweeted after the San Bernardino tragedy:

“Your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop the carnage. Your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again.”

Those are my thoughts. Now lets pray that this time something gets done.

Once again, enough is enough.



  1. We need to shift the gun control debate
    from “no law would eleminate these incidents” to “strong laws could reduce these incidents.” Inaction is an option that will cost lives.

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  2. This is now way beyond sickening, way beyond paranormal admonishments or mornful requests, and way past time for real action… because otherwise, Americans might as well buy a LOT MORE body-bags!!!

    On a relevant sidenote Sally, the other night I watched Showtime’s “Active Shooter: America Under Fire,” and for the first-time I learned about “Ghost Guns“! 😮 From Wikipedia…

    A ghost gun is a firearm without serial numbers. The term is used by gun control advocates, gun rights advocates, law enforcement, and some in the firearm industry. By making the gun themselves, owners may legally bypass background checks and registration regulations. Some ghost guns become part of the illicit firearms trade. Under U.S. federal law, the creation and possession of ghost guns is permitted…

    This utterly blew me away!!! John Zawahri (2013 Santa Monica, CA) assembled his own assault-rifle by ordering all the parts online, then assembling is weapon of human carnage in his own home/garage! Then I searched websites that readily SELL these parts and the ease and availability was horrifying Sally. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Devin Patrick Kelley did the exact same thing!

    This completely redefines insanity if Washington D.C. and all 50 states do little or nothing. It’s going to get much much worse if Conservative lawmakers and their Commander-in-Stupidity don’t wake tha hell up!!!

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  3. Trump may be blaming mental health for this latest mass shooting, I blame mental health for Trump

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    • Since this recent massacre in Sutherland Springs happened only 95-miles away from me Sally and being an 8th-generation Texan extremely familiar and well-versed in Texas Republican politics, lawmaking, and culture… I want/need to ask Texans a honest gut-wrenching question…

      “How many mass-shooting victims in Texas — e.g. 1991 Luby’s massacre, 2003 Ft. Hood massacre, now Sutherland Springs — and family members of those victims, voted in support of liberal, near non-existent, gun-control laws and campus-carrying laws, or voted for those political lawmakers that staunchly support (via huge campaign donations from the NRA) gun-freedoms and the badly outdated 18th century Second Amendment? Were they still alive today, or those living family members of those killed… would they still vote for laws and politicians that WANT more guns in more disturbed, violent shooter’s hands today?”

      All too often Americans (Texans especially!) wait until a “detached” problem becomes their own problem, in their pocket-books or in their own life or lives of family members when it is then too late. Why does it have to take extreme measures or events so very long to sink in and register? 😦

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  4. If I may Sally, this is a comment I had with a FB friend discussing this subject and I feel it is relevant for any ordinary American citizens considering purchasing and carrying publicly a gun or on a university campus…

    The officers in the 1966 University of Texas tower-shooting that eventually reached the top, stopped and killed USMC sharpshooter Charles Whitman, later said in interviews that several times during the horrible crisis when ordinary citizens came around with their own guns and hunting rifles to “help”… actually caused uniformed police officers CONFUSION (at least for a few seconds or more) not knowing who was Friend or Foe in the “fog of chaotic war,” or in this case, an unsecured ongoing crime-scene or battle-scene. And that was over 51-years ago! What have we good citizens and lawmakers learned and NOT learned in 51-years? 😞 Even police officers and SWAT teams are human and in the heat of battle, where mere milli-seconds count, they too make costly mistakes!

    More and more guns in the hands of untrained, not uniformed for quick identification, like young panicked students, etc, is a VERY BAD IDEA! Always has been, always will be! Just ask veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan!

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  5. Reblogged this on zobop republic and commented:
    Our Congressional leaders need to.. #TakeAKnee! Yep.


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