It’s About Time

The Cover of Time's Person of the Year issue

What a difference a year makes. Photo Time Inc.

Women are breaking their silence about sexual harassment and it’s about time!

Recognizing the #MeToo impact on society, Time magazine has chosen “The Silence Breakers” as its 2017 Person of the Year.

It is a perfect rebuke to last year’s Person of the Year, our current Predator-in-Chief Donald J. Trump the very poster boy for sexual abuse.

I Hate Losers

Oh karma how sweet you are!

In a sweet bit of irony, Donald Trump has again lost the popular vote to the power of women.

As the #sad runner-up, i.e. #loser for the coveted Time title, Trump can take comfort in the fact that he did make this years’ Time magazine  Person of the Year issue after all.  Our pussy grabbing President is mentioned 8 times in the issue as being a sexual predator.

PussyGate, PussyGate, I Love You…..

Donald Trumps remarks om Access Hollywood set off

Donald Trump’s vile remarks on the Access Hollywood tape set off a fire storm

In fact, we owe a tip of the hat to Trump for this MeToo Momentum. Many consider Trump as the driver of this enormously successful movement which has seen millions of women come forward with long-buried stories of sexual harassment and abuse.

Now we are vocal, we are being heard and will no longer take a back seat in any conversation.

Womans March on Washington 2017

A sea of pink pussy hats at the Woman’s March on Washington DC Jan. 2017

That Trump could utter his infamously vulgar remark dripping with entitlement about grabbing women’s pussy’s and still be elected President “is part of what started the rage that fired up the Woman March,” held the day after his inauguration, Time wrote. That arrogance launched a million pink pussy caps.

That was the beginning and it has accelerated beyond anyone’s expectations.

Brave women of all incomes, ethnicities and occupations who have come forward this past year to shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and abuse are forcing a national reckoning that is long overdue.

If this year was the moment that courageous women came forward to give voice to their stories   and be heard, then 2018 must be about implementing systemic changes as a result of their stories.

For those women who have yet to come forward and share their stories…we know you are there.

We will be here when you are ready. #MeToo


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  1. Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    Agreed. People are waking up. Trump thought he was going to win this year, but this is poetic justice. Congressmen are retiring and resigning as well as high profile entertainment industry and media personalities. We’ll see what happens with Roy Moore soon. But when will people like President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas receive their due? Excellent essay in Envisioning the American Dream blog. – RJC

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  2. I am so thrilled this momentum is growing Sally! It is way, WAY overdue and hopefully MORE changes, particularly in our culture of male sexism will change too within our male culture! More specifically, what needs to change are men preemptively STANDING UP to predators like tRumpsky, Weinstein, Cosby, Moore, etc, etc, et al, ad nauseum! Good MEN have their huge part in all of this too! Let’s not forget it.

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  3. You are so right. Good men are essential to the change that is necessary and many are truly hearing women for the first time, equally appalled at what women have silently accepted for decades.


  4. Unfortunately there is a group of women who continue to defend Trump and plan on voting for Roy Moore and will vote for them. They are more interested in getting what they want politically than they are concerned with character. Look at all the Republicans who tried to impeach Bill Clinton over character. But now Tromp and Moore come along and they go ga-ga because they are supposedly conservative. It doesn’t matter about character. Remember Republican Governor Mark Sanford got caught cheating with a woman from Argentina. What did the people of South Carolina do? They gave him a promotion and sent him to Congress.

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  5. Stevon Brock

    Women,I love women,but you don’t say or even do things like Mr.Trump was saying,that is uncool to even say that,But it is true Women have always been a man’s down fall,we love them so much and we want them,and we will even pay for them,but I do think that women get treated very unfair in the work place really bad,get told how to dress,must be sexy,what does that have to do with her job,she is not there for sex,but to work and be respected not grabbed,groped,or threaten for her job,by sexual favors,these guy’s are use to getting their way and no woman is gonna mess that up,so I can see how women are scared of losing their job if they don’t do what the fat ass old boss says,but things are changing for women and I for one am glad to see that, and more women being the boss is just great,by me, so I’m behind all women in need of help,


  6. lkmcl

    Enjoyed your article, I had not actually read the full quote before and found the fact it chose to quote the ‘President of the United States’ and not dear Donald himself particularly poignant. It is astounding what he has achieved. I was curious as to any thoughts you had on the reasons he had for getting in. The way I often see it is that the issue is not down to the man himself, but an inablity for people to see the big picture, clearly this man should not have been able to pass over the thousands of lawsuits that were public knowledge. This idea of the big picture is actually an issue that seems present in a lot of femenist propaganda, I am fairly ignorant on the subject partly because of a lot of the information that we are given on these ideas is largely provocative and rivilrous opposed to being collaborative, which could also be said about the Trump phenomenon. It is very difficult for me to fully commit to ideas that can often be extremely exaggeratory for the purpose of winning an arguement. I feel as though it is unfortunate that femenism has become a struggle for women and not a struggle for humanity as whole. What are your thoughts on this and how can we be more cautious moving forward? How can we make female rights more inclusive?


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