Make America White Again?

vintage illustration woman holding white sheet

Trump’s Make America White Again agenda was never more evident than in his “sh*thole” remark.

Despite Trump’s protests to the contrary, white supremacists everywhere are proudly ironing out their white sheets knowing they’ve got a fellow racist in the oval office.

Or just as likely, now emboldened, they  are  tucking those sheets  away in their racist closet closets as there is no need to hide beneath those snowy white sheets of hate anymore.

Is this how we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King?

Heartened by our racist in chief who has given a wink and a nod to the darkest elements on our society, white nationalists have been crawling out from beneath the rocks where they’ve been hiding  to bask in the sooty air.

Make America White Again

KKK and Martin Luther King

I Have a Dream…that every voter in America marches to the polls this November and votes this GOP Congress out for refusing to stand up to Donald Trumps racism, bigotry and hate.

Presidents Trump’s vile and racist comments against accepting immigrants from what he called shithole countries in Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean arguing instead for more immigrants from countries like whiter than white  Norway, left neo Nazis like David Duke in a state of sheer  giddiness. Trump’s  not so quiet dog whistle signaled to hateful people that their views are gaining a foothold in this country.

The browning of America scares Donald-I-know-the-best-words-Trump sh*tless as it does to his base and all other “real” Americans.

As white nationalists celebrate Trumps shithole comments claiming he’s on the same page as them, the  rest of us have long turned that old and deeply soiled page of hate, never to return.

That is how we honor Dr King.




  1. Even as a white person, I don’t want an America that is only white people. The world is much bigger than that, and we are much bigger than that.


  2. nah

    if a shithole is a shithole, you call it a shithole


  3. scary and sad, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The scary thing is 1 of 3 Americans approve of DJT’s actions.


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