Oscar Dreaming in Your Maidenform Bra

Vintage maidenform I Dreamed Ad Woman and Bull

I Dreamed I Was Part Of The Me Too Movement In My Maidenform Bra

Thanks to the Me Too Movement women have taken the bull by the horn stating loudly that sexual misconduct and abuse is no longer acceptable.

The rampant mistreatment of women in the workplace has been exposed, as exposed as the conical bra clad women were in the infamous “I Dreamed” series of mid-century ads from Maidenform.

Times Up

Seen through the prism of the current #MeToo movement, these iconic Maidenform ads are a lot more ironic.

Especially during Oscar season.

The series of advertisements  that ran for nearly two decades featuring bra attired women in unlikely, often traditional “manly” situations seem to confirm what women already suspected – a shapely figure was a stepping stone to career advancement.

Yes, nothing said dress for success more than coming to work with no clothes on above the waist except  a boss-pleasing bra that promised  an uplift to any career move.

Maidenform took to Hollywood in one of their I Dreamed ads. After all doesn’t the dream of every young gal contain a chance at Hollywood?

Unintentionally these revealing ads reveal a truth about Hollywood. A casting couch and a conical-shaped bra were a match made in Hollywood heaven.

But as Hollywood has recently exposed what we long knew,  many of these dreams turned into nightmares.

And The Oscar Goes to… Maidenform

vintage Maidenform Bra Ad I Dreamed Academy Awards

“I Dreamed I Won the Academy Awards in My Maidenform Bra ran in 1953. The Me Too movement cloud hung over the Oscars as Hollywood has shone a glaring klieg light on the rampant sexual misconduct .


“I’m the brightest star in cinema circles…the leading figure among filmland’s dream girls.

With Maidenform’s bra in the supporting role, mine is the best rounded performance of the year”

And the Oscar for best rounded performance goes to…

Sally Starr was Hollywood’s newest wonder girl in 1953.

Ever wonder how she got there?

Her life was the stuff of daydreams. There may be luckier gals in the world, but if there are this statuesque beauty didn’t know  them. She was living the glamorous life in Hollywood…lunch at the Brown Derby and Romanoffs, spotted nightclubbing  with the stars at Ciros.

Her life was a whirl of gaiety and excitement.  And now as an Academy Award winner she was the envy of practically every actress in Hollywood.

Naturally in her acceptance speech she understood more than most that she should thank Maidenform for getting her where she is. Because no bra does so much for your figure…and career. And Sally Star proved it. Hard work sure, but Maiedenform catapulted her and her shapely bosom to this dazzling place.

So how did this small town gal pull off this trick?

Are You Ready For Your Casting Couch?

vintage ad 1953 Maidenform Bra Actress

I Dreamed I Had a Screen Tests in my Maidenform Bra . Vintage ad 1950


“Lights Camera! Action! I never felt so like a star…and all because my Maidenform bra plays my best supporting role! See why Maidenform and I make such a rave notice picture? See why Maidenform is your dreams bra come true!”

A happy, well-adjusted girl takes a look in her mirror one morning and knows she’s Hollywood Bound.

Like most mid-century gals, small town Sally was star struck, catching the Hollywood bug fast and hard. With acting and voice lessons under her belt, this mid western Miss  began saving her money for her chance at a big studio screen test and the silver screen.

But when it came, she fluffed it.

The director took one quick look at her and Sally knew she goofed. Her smart, borrowed but button downed  Don Loper number  was not what the director wanted. Or expected.

Sally Get’s Wise to the Ways of Hollywood

Sally knew a change in her hair-do would not be enough to catch his eye. It wasn’t long before a pal wised up this sob sister to the ways of Hollywood. The right amount of uplift would uplift her career giving it the boost she needed.

A screen test was a more hands on proposition, her pal explained to Sally. And if she wanted to be taken seriously she intended to be more hands on. The answer- a Maidenform Bra. All starlets knew Hollywood stars could afford any bra – and still they insist on Maidenform. Why? Because no bra does so much for your figure, your love life …and especially your career.

Every gal worth her salt knew being attended by an interested man was the ultimate feminine goal.

Ready For My Close Up

Lucky for her, Sally’s next screen test was a success. Her Maidenform and she got rave notices.

This time she was ready for her close up.

Before she knew it,  it was Lights! Camera! and Action! and boy, oh boy was there plenty of action!

Of course there were things that no one could know. Even as Sally let her brain form the thought she discarded it. The door closed. Forever. She was a star.

All that mattered was Sally Starr was on her way to a brilliant, career. Her Maidenform defined her figure and her career…beautifully.

Hopefully the days of demanding sexual favors in return for career advancement will now seem as outdated as these vintage ads are.

Tomorrow:  Career Advancement – Dream On -Maidenform Dream Ads

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2018.



  1. Wow. What bizarre ads.


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  3. Believe me, today’s ad’s would have shocked ’50’s tv viewers as well.

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