Melania Trump: CSI

Melania Trump pith helmet

Is First Lady Melania Trump auditioning for a part on CSI?

That is the only reasonable excuse for her recent  insulting and insensitive statement saying victims of sexual assault “Need to have really Hard Evidence.”

Hard evidence Melania?!?

Sorry, I didn’t have the presence of mind to snap a picture and jot down forensic notes after I was just raped. And when I was sexually assaulted at a college party I forgot to pack brushes to dust for fingerprints or tweezers to collect fiber samples. My bad.

Hard evidence? How about decades of


Substance abuse

Eating disorders

Panic attacks


Anxiety disorders



Just a short list of the “hard evidence” sexual assault survivors struggle with –  tangible, irrefutable evidence to the trauma inflicted on them.

There is however  hard evidence pointing to Mrs. Trump’s ignorance and complicity in this whole debacle.




  1. Bruce Shatswell

    Well said. ..thank you…

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  2. bernesemtdog

    Well said. I was sexually assaulted when I was 16. I told no one. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone until the #MeToo, and then I told a close friend. The man who sexually assaulted me was married, my next door neighbor and my bff’s DAD!!!! Who would have believed me had I come forward? Like you, I silently suffered while the trauma ate away at me until eventually, it didn’t.

    MEH-lania is a pathetic excuse of a human being who sold her soul to obtain the lifestyle she craved but felt she wasn’t capable of achieving on her own. She is bought and paid for. She’s under the influence of the poison she hears every single day. I’m sure, at this point, she can no longer think rationally or think for her self. I look forward to the day I see her and her husband in orange jumpsuits.

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    • I am so sorry for the pain you experienced and thank you for sharing it with me. It isn’t easy. So so many experience a sexual assault that they don’t share for that very reason of “ who would believe me” coming down to a he said she said an important point lost on clueless Melania. Her latest clueless statement is her crying she is the most bullied person in the world. She would serve herself and us well if she just slithered back to her Pilates class and keep her vacuous thoughts to herself.

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      • bernesemtdog

        Thank you. I am amazed by how many women do not believe Ford. It’s almost as if they have deep rooted misogyny and don’t even know it.

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  3. I guess we should expect no more from a trophy wife~model (Trump’s characteriation-known fact about her past). I was willing to give her a bit of credit till she showed up with that outrageous jacket when she visited the border. She’s clueless!

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  4. The right ravaged Michelle Obama with vile racist remarks


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