Is Trump a Baby?

Stubborn Donald Trump

President Trump pouts on 60 Minutes insisting he’s no baby. Evidence points to the contrary. Although Donald  has officially entered the terrible twos,  in many ways he has not progressed much from his infancy.

Technically, Trump is a toddler. And like all frustrated caretakers coping with the terrible twos, we are at the end of our rope. We have watched our baby grow from a crybaby into a rollicking 1 ½ year old tyrant.

Bringing Baby Home

Could it really be over a year and a half since we brought home this crying baby? Like many expectant parents, the day your baby comes home is a turning point in your lives.

And now baby, there is no  turning back.

From that chilly day in January when we moved this colicky infant into the White House we knew we had a special needs baby.

Like any baby we knew you have to expect things to be different. You would have to adjust to their being different. Like any baby he would make demands on our time, energy, patience and understanding.

But after another endless round of twitter tantrums from our toddler in chief,  I am exasperated.  I am testy, losing sleep, anxious, dazed and confused.


Since Trump wants to return us to an earlier simpler time, you know when when America was great,  I consulted a Child Care book published the very year Trump was born. “Your Child and You – A Guide For Solving Childhood Problems” by Sidnie Gruenberg 1946.

Frustrated and infuriated I decided to seek guidance from a handbook on childhood development.

It confirmed what we all suspected . Not only does Trump suffer from arrested development, his is a textbook case of the terrible two’s.

What I learned helped put things in perspective. Some nuggets:

The book warns against letting baby makes things different:

“Careful not to let baby spoil  the relationship that you have built with the rest of the world.”

“Self-demand schedules are best. Forcing baby to take more than he wants will not make him grow big and strong and healthy any faster. It will only make him balk, angry at you and angry at the world.”

It  make him less enthusiastic about his job in general.

Baby Trump feeding

“One disadvantage to not setting up a schedule is that it is hard to know what baby is demanding.”

In time we have learned to recognize baby’s hungry cry, his racist cry and his need for attention cry.

“If  baby becomes lonesome, frightened, or uncomfortable he needs cuddling.” 

So we learned baby needs to set up rallies and watch Fox New for comfort.

“Sometimes baby must be controlled. As he grows up into the creeping (and later stalking months)  he is going to want to do a lot of things that are either unsafe for him or outrageously inconvenient. He’s going to have a lot of fleeting whims that do not need to be gratified. We need to control that.”

Terrible Twos

“In the second year – it’s the year he needs the most guidance. It’s the year he learns to talk. He demands with a valiant attempt to make you understand his babbling “


“A child this age should have a vocabulary of 50 words and is able to put together two-word sentences.”

Don’t worry about pronunciation at this point only about 50 percent of what he says will be completely understandable. There is no reason to worry if it all sounds like babbling.”

“He can make scribbles holding a pencil. He begins testing boundaries “

The adult day care in the White House hides papers so Donnie cannot sign them


Toddler Trump

“Tantrums take place because baby doesn’t understand his emotions yet and hasn’t fully developed the verbal skills to express his anger, frustration, fear, and emotions,

“A child throws a temper tantrum when he is made to feel helpless. Sooner or later every child runs into serious frustrations. “

“It’s the year he sets his pattern for being a friendly person or one who shies away from meeting the world halfway.”

“He will incessantly test boundaries to learn about the world. Testing boundaries, tantrums crying and whining all are signs of a developing child. “

“His sudden interest in pulling the cat’s tail does not mean he should be allowed to pull it even once or that you must send Pussy away lest baby may be “frustrated “ by not being allowed to pull her tail.”

Little Donnie can do nothing but scream and kick, beat his head on the floor, smash his toys.

“Most toddlers begin testing limits shortly after their first birthday and continue until they are four.”

Two more years to go. Lucky us.


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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Most interesting parallel with D.T. and a terrible two.


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  3. I try my hardest NOT to listen to any words that come out of that man’s (toddlers) mouth when he is being reported on newscasts or shows. When I’m around a bunch of elementary and middle school children, I’m just fine with listening to them, engaging with them. But THIS MAN? A child in a 72-year old man’s body!? It is truly unbearable for me! And this line summed up why I felt so very sorry for Leslie Stahl…

    In the meantime, I’m president and you’re not.

    No one will ever convince me that this (excuse of a) man is the least bit mature. That line… to a journalist doing her job is pure and simple something a 9-10 year old bully would say on the playground. Yet, he is our POTUS. Wow. I know this, I am and I will be an ashamed American that we have a 9-year old leading this country. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That interview showed us ( not that we needed reaffirming ) exactly who he is. Pathetic. There were so many idiotic, ill informed comments to choose from in the interview, but for me his callous response to Leslie Stahl’s repeated inquiry about how poorly he treated Dr Ford and he just dismissed her with it didn’t matter “We Won”, just took my breath away.

      Liked by 1 person

      • In a recent interview of Dr. Doris Kearns Goodwin, a Pulitzer Prize winning American biographer of U.S. Presidents, a historian, political commentator, and PhD in government from Harvard University, was interviewed by Bill Maher on his show and she said a few things I thought were outstanding points in how we Trump-opponents should speak to Trump-supporters. If I may Sally, what I picked out of that 9-min interview…

        Well you know, that’s what happened at the turn of the 20th-century. You had a very similar situation to now. The cities were growing, the people in the rural areas felt cut-off from the Right. We had a lot of new inventions, the pace of life was speeding up, the Gilded Age [economic] gap between the rich and the poor [widened]. But luckily, then a leader came along. There was a lot of populist-spirit, a lot of anti-elitism, and Teddy Roosevelt came along and he was able to channel all that emotion into something he called the square deal between the rich and the poor.

        I mean, he was like Trump. He came in from a privileged background, but [Teddy] learned empathy through politics. He learned to go to slums and see what it was like for these other people to live.

        So he’s not like Trump?

        No he’s certainly not. No, empathy is the most important characteristic in a leader and it’s what’s missing in the current President.

        Next, Maher asks Dr. Goodwin what sort of language can Trump-opponents use to reach American voters of all political persuasions…

        Here’s what I’d use. I’d use the fact that this man has no humility, which is an important part of every President. That he has no empathy, that he has no resilience, that he says that the reason he’s so humble is because the Pope is very very humble.

        Just like Donald Trump?

        I mean you can’t think that way, but you can’t [Bill]! You can’t be a person who says that the most important thing is never to lose, that you always have to win. Every President I’ve studied has gone through adversity and they came out stronger at the other end. Ernest Hemingway said, “Everyone’s broken by life, but sometimes people are stronger in the broken places.” [Trump] says he’s never experienced loss and that’s why he says he has the very very best temperament of anyone who’s run for President.

        Use those ordinary kind of things and that’s one of the ways to persuade people and they can see that this is not a leader. This is not a man who’s experienced any kind of empathy for other people. That’s what you have to do to persuade them.

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      • I absolutely adore Doris Kearns Goodwin, have read just about everything she has written and am waiting t read her latest. Thank you so much for sharing this interview which I did see on Bill Maher and I hope others will enjoy.

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  4. I am always optimistic, but I fear this blue wave may not be as dramatic as we all hope. I pray I am wrong.

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  5. Truly One for the Ages, Sally. You are brilliant.

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  6. Trump was born privilleged. He never hard in life. He wouldnt be rich if it wasn’t for his father. What pisses me off are his followers causes they a brainwashed by trump, they believe what ever he says. I think trump suppoters are more dangerous then donald trump himself because they dont understand they consequences that trump is doing. The hate and divison he is spreading.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. He’s your president! Also he’s created the best economy in years and stood up against the deep state!


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