Mourning in America

memorial day candle

Hate has taken root in America. One need only look at the events of this past week.

Emboldened by Trump, our Inciter-in-Chief, the haters are stepping boldly from the shadows.

Our president is a cancer and Trumpism has metastasized.

In Jewish tradition I light a yartzeit candle not only for the victims of the tragic Pittsburgh shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue but for the soul of our country.

Until election day, I am sitting shiva for America.



  1. I am especially sorrowful for the Holocaust survivor who died at the hands of this murderer. I cry for her and the 10 others. I pray for the survival and recovery of those also caught in the crossfire. I want to forgive the murderer, yet I need to forgive myself first for wishing him a pitiful and horrific death for his crime. I’ll pray I can learn forgiveness of the unforgivable.

    God save America from people guided by this morally bankrupt divisive thing in the White House. May he always have a bad hair day. The joke fell flat in view of so many deaths he helped inspire.

    I voted 100 percent blue by early ballot the second week of October. It was the decent thing to do since the GOP seems incapable to governing without moral leadership in either the House or the Senate.

    One of my senators gives fine speeches that suggest he understands things are wrong in America, then he votes straight trumpian party line. What a disappointment he is! The other two, well, in their own way they are more honest about their morally corrupt adherence to the trumpian party line. Hope they are happy for their complicit responsibility for enabling the enabler of the murderer.

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    • This election has never been more crucial and urgent. In a few days, we will know what defines what this country is now. Are we turning away from fascism and hate or heading towards it full speed ahead. I pray for the former.

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  2. You should recite the Mourner’s Kaddish every day too.

    I was in synagogue when we heard about it.

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  3. Not only is he not connecting his inciteful rhetoric to recent events, but he is deflecting blame to the media. The dangerous thing is that his ignorant and naive supporters are hanging on his claims of “doing more than any other administration”. His comparisons of himself to Barack Obama and his denigration of Obama, Schumer, Waters and Wasserman-Schultz are nothing but veiled racism and anti-Semitism. Ivanka’s decision to convert had nothing to do with a love of Judaism; rather it harks back to an era when marriages were arranged for financial ends and convenience — who is she kidding?

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