Don’t Doodle With Our Constitution

(L) Page from "Our Country Historical Coloring Book" 1956 "The Constitution (R) Crayola Crayons

Donald, there are more colors in your Crayola Box than the white crayon you insist on always coloring with.

The Constitution was meant to be colored using all the colors in the box.

And while you’re at it, Mr. Trump, stop scribbling all over our beloved Constitution and learn to color within the lines. Your birthright citizenship stunt doesn’t fly. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution can’t just be erased with an executive order.

Or doodled away



  1. After almost 2 years in the White House, he still doesn’t get it and I am convinced he never will — that he is not running one of his companies where he and/or his family calls the shots. The whole “checks and balances” system was put in by our forefathers for such a dictatorial idiot like Trump. He is so clearly frustrated by this and I love watching him pitch his little hissy fits like a two-year-old whose mommy just told him he cannot have his favorite toy. I was hoping he would get so frustrated by now that he would resign but alas, he manages to stay rooted in such deep denial that he actually believes that if he jumps up and down and screams loudly enough, he will eventually get his way.

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    • He has been so off the charts with his lies and deceptions and total ignorance of our government and checks and balances that I am hoping he will self-destruct at the polls. His “terrible twos” behavior is wearing thin and getting more dangerous by the day

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  2. People tell me I am too extreme when I compare Trump to Hitler, but there is a clear similarity in the way that Trump is catering to fear-mongering. Hitler came to power at a time when Germany [and the world] was in the depths of an economic depression and he used the Jews as scapegoats. Our Fuhrer in the White House is doing the same thing with his “infestation” talk about caravans of refugees, claiming they are murderers and rapists coming to harm us. Although I am not in favor of just opening borders and letting thousands of people in without careful vetting, the truth is that they are not coming to steal our jobs away and they are largely women and small children who are not coming to harm us.

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    • It is difficult to process, but his fear mongering and dog whistles are straight from the pages of Hitler and Goebbels. His latest stunt with allegedly sending 15,000 troops to the border with his orders to shoot if attacked with a rock is outrageous and goes completely against military protocol.


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